How to survive living in a cold weather climate

The world is a place of extreme climactic conditions yet humans have made their home in the coldest extremes of the globe, as well as in the most arid of regions. But it is perhaps the former, the coldest areas, where mankind is faced with some of the most challenging weather related problems, especially when trying to balance such harsh weather with the comforts of modern living.

Everything from the design of your house, the way it is insulated, issues of access, the logistics of moving there, even your own state of mind, and particularly heating, are all basic factors which will have a massive impact on your quality of life in such regions.

1. Insulation and air sealing are essential in countries such as Canada and Northern Scandinavia where the winter temperatures can quite literally kill. Insulation reduces the loss of heat but sealing, which stops such heat moving into cold, non living areas of the house, such as the attic, are equally important. A great read on pipes freezing here –

2. Even in temperate countries, a cold snap can play havoc with the water supply as the contents freezes and pipes bursts. There re numerous tricks which help overcome such issues, from running your hot water through the system regularly to having the right sort of heating pump to effective insulation. A comprehensive list can be found at The Rebellious Blog in their handy cold weather checklist.

3. Just moving to such remote and challenging regions can be fraught with danger and it is important that you use the right moving company, someone not only trustworthy but who is equipped for the additional problems which the environment might throw up. And if you are a company specialising in such out of the ordinary re-locations, then make sure that your customers can find you and are aware of your experience and services. Sites such as Wired Focus are a great source of information for improving your SEO ranking in such a competitive market, any Seo consultant Toronto would agree.

4. Perhaps the most important thing to understand about living in cold conditions is the basic idea of “is this really for you.” This is probably the most fundamental decision of them all. Not everyone is suited to every environment, beach bunnies will perhaps not thrive in the high mountains of northern climes just as those who crave the space and cool air of such places would find desert cities such as Las Vegas places where they don’t thrive.

But not everyone has a choice about moving. Employment and financial considerations mean that people often find themselves in the most unlikely of places. But the art of finding happiness in such situations goes beyond just making the best of a bad situation. I find this blog post inspiring

How to find meaning and purpose regardless of your circumstances with the help of a therapist

It is about re-examining who you are and what you want out of life and realising that under close examination happiness is found less in your surroundings and comes more from within. A therapist might even be able to help guide you with such decisions, especially if such a drastic change of surroundings is leaving you feeling directionless or lost.