“Martial in its aesthetic, peaceful in its depth, “Karaté” music video is all about matching the track to the maximum. Joris the dancer is such a creative and free mind, he improvises, following every single detail of the beat, the lyrics, the atmosphere. Watching him dance is a unique moment, he catches you and never lets you go. His energy is animal, so rough and sincere. Yelle appears in her childhood playground, she grew up by this river. She is the yin to his yang!”

“Karaté” is the complete opposite of Yelle’s previous single “Je t’aime encore”. How so? Well, it’s not soft, it’s acid. It’s not tender, it’s hectic. The lyrics are not long, they are one sentence. Looping again and again, invading your brain cells and your body & soul to liberate the karateka dancer inside you. You can hear some traditional Breton music vibes in the way the words answer themselves but you are definitely in the future. A fun future. Bit brutal, but fun. Cause it’s Yelle! The mood is amazing! L’Ère du Verseau is the duo’s first new material in six years.