Elle Yaya ‘Bleedin’

Taken from her forthcoming project ‘Pharmacy’, ‘Bleedin’ is a stellar introduction to a deeply adept artist who has been putting her own stamp on contemporary R&B and electronic influences since her debut EP ‘Phantom’ under her real name Elle Watson. Inspired by artist ranging from D’Angelo, Solange and Missy Elliot, Elle’s song-writing is fearless and honest, and under her new guise Elle Yaya, she is set to tackle her inner demons through her music.

A magnificent slice of beat-driven soul, ‘Bleedin’ is the first offering and takes on the notion of chaotic love – “I bleed on anybody who tries to love me.”

Speaking on the track Elle said: “Deep rooted, secretive pain gave birth to my anger. I lack that pause button. When a fire starts, devastation is inevitable. The eruption can be 30 seconds, I crash, and the wave of shame comes. Riddled with guilt i’ll witness the damage i’ve caused, weeks/months/years of repair is needed. it happens again. I hate it. it’s addictive. That’s what this song is about. I bleed on anybody who tries to love me.”