3 Helpful Tips For PDF Editing That You Can Do Online

When you want to make the most out of your PDF editing skills, there are basic edits you can easily do online now! In this article, we’ve collated some of the basic tips for you to learn in order to up your PDF editing game. With online repositories like PDF Bear, you can easily do these tricks anywhere, anytime!

Convert to PDF

Converting from a PDF file is an advanced maneuver even for most standalone PDF editing software. But with PDF Bear’s many conversion suites, you can easily upload files like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and even JPG to be converted to PDF. All you need to have is a great browser, a working Internet connection, and you are pretty much set!

Once in a while, corporate types who do administrative jobs will come across tasks like how to convert PDF to JPG. When this situation happens, it’s pretty much always addressed with the help of independent PDF readers and editors. But you can do it online – without paying for anything. PDF Bear, for example, has a separate converter for PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to Powerpoint, PDF to JPG, and many more. A quick search on Google will yield a lot of options, so use that to your advantage!

Encrypt PDF

Another advanced edit that was exclusive for PDF readers and editors a few years ago, encrypting a PDF file to protect it can now be done online. Password protection is an important part of any security measure when it comes to confidential files. When you are editing one that has personal information, financial details, as well as medical information, you need to make sure that the PDF will only be opened by the person intended to open it.

PDF is always shared over the net – in messaging platforms, in emails, and even as downloads, and while there is a significant amount of nonchalance for the information within these files, when its generic information, it should be fine. Although, for some files, password protection is needed in order to funnel the number of people who can access the information.

But when you’re working with information that is top-level confidential, password protection might not cut it. Encrypting should be considered. To encrypt PDF files online, you just need to upload the file, then set its encryption settings, and wait for it to finish.

Repair PDF files

When a PDF is shared with you over the net, there is a great chance that the process of sending it did not fully complete. There are quite a number of reasons why a PDF is broken. First is that the file may have had problems while sending it. The file size is also a factor. The length of the PDF is also a reference point.

You can repair PDF online nowadays, that’s the good news, but you need to check the document before repairing it first. Most people expect that repairing means it will restore the PDF file to its original glory, but actually, that is not how it works. What happens is that when repairing, the web application tries to clean up the PDF file to make it more stable. It won’t render unfinished images, or text, and design for that matter.


While editing PDF should be easy for most people, especially if you want to work in an office setting, with online tools like PDF Bear, you won’t need to learn most of the skill-heavy ones. Everything these days can now be done online, and you just need the savvy to do it alternatively. With the edits listed above, you can make the most out of editing your PDF!