SKORGE DA HOODLUM: Illuminates Street Dreams and Rules of Engagement on the real life visual “Talk How I Talk”

Lead writer for the article is Jonathan P-Wright aka The Millenial General

Editorial Opinion

Hip-Hop storytelling defines a culture, lifestyle, and reality of aspiring artists through their lens. Youth culture creates a universal language of purpose, rage, revolt, unity, and unparalleled creativity. In 2020, Millennials are heavily invested in their identity, social media presence, and impacting social injustice. Hip-Hop artists throughout history have delivered graphic and unapologetic depictions of their environment. Music is the universal language of the world which heals, destroys, inspires, and educates future generations.

Pennsylvanian “SKORGE DA HOODLUM” illustrates a non-conventional outlook of Pittsburgh street life and politics.

Being able to convert moments of pain into inspiration is a rare talent, and SKORGE DA HOODLUM poetic Hip-Hop lyrics illuminate the hearts of every young black male striving for greatness.

His latest visual “TALK HOW I TALK” emulates realities of drug dealing, controlling street corners, and creating businesses to empower financial freedom.

SKORGE DA HOODLUM launched “Talk How I Talk” underneath his company music umbrella and self-financed the entire project. “Talk How I Talk” received the global visual distribution to Apple Music, iTunes, TIDAL, RADIOPUSHERS TV, and XITE via Comcast. The life lessons within Skorge’s lyrics resonate with every self-made hustler aspiring to “Get Rich or Die Trying.”