Interview With Top Canadian Model Billy Arora

We met Indian-Norwegian fashion model Billy Arora in Los Angeles to talk about the life of an international fashion model, her experiences in the industry, traveling and the importance of mental health.

Billy, what’s your favorite thing about your life as a fashion model? 

-Surely all the traveling and the people I have met. I got to see places all over Europe and feel like I have made a lot of special connections with people that have gone beyond work. A lot of people in my life I would have never met without modeling.

What’s been your favorite shoot so far?

-I shot a video with L’Officiel last summer and had the best time.

It all looks so glamorous when it’s shot and done but we know behind the scenes it can be hard work, what would you describe as your biggest challenges?

-Definitely the amount of time spent alone, traveling, in hotels, even on set where usually it’s all new faces for you. You need to be ok with spending a lot of time with yourself. There’s also no set schedule, you’re constantly waiting for confirmations and last minute change of plans.

Would you recommend young girls to approach a career as a fashion model?

-Of course but make sure you finish school and have a strong support team, it’s unlikely you will never experience rejection or failure and you want to have something to hold on to in those moments.

So how important is mental health in your job?

– Extremely important. It can surely push you to limits and uncomfortable places, physically and mentally. Therefor it is very important to practice mental health and be able to communicate about it.

Tell us about your favorite achievement so far and what’s next on Billy Arora’s list?

– To be in Vogue magazine and a world wide Sephora campaign were definitely proud moments that made me feel the hard work is paying off. I’m currently working on a project besides modeling that I am very excited about, but I can’t tell you more right now. 

That’s fine and we’re excited to see what that might be!

You mentioned traveling as one of the perks of working internationally. What’s your favorite place that modeling has taken you so far?

-Not an easy question but probably New York City. It’s such a vibrant place, I really like the mix of people. It’s probably not my ideal place to live but working there is a lot of fun.

Thank you for the time, we enjoyed this little chat, Billy!