Dating during COVID-19

Dinner dates, watching movies, just sitting, and holding hands were the stuff people used to do while dating before the Covid-19 era starts.

There were a lot of dating apps or dating websites before the pandemic started but people now are using them more frequently though.

A spokesman from Bumble dating application said that the app witnessed more than 900,000 users took the “virtual dating badge” on their profiles recommending that they need a date using calls or videos consider LuckyCrush is an alternative to dating sites as there, the flirtation is virtual, starts on the site and ends on the site, without physical meeting in the end

Bumble’s spokesman stated that there was a 69% jump in video calls starting from the 1st of May before the pandemic started.

Bumble already had the phone and video call features before the coronavirus pandemic, but Hingle did not have them though. Yet they offered the option during the pandemic and stated that users see it useful.

A spokesman from Hinge stated that 44% of the users have used the video date, and 52% of them are probably staying together after the video date and planned to see each other when it’s safe to hang out.

In an announcement, Bumble’s spokesman stated that as the lockdown restrictions facilitate, people are getting ready to meet each other in real life again. However, many are still anxious about the face to face dates until now. Also, the absence of knowing what’s safe and what’s not during the current circumstances. And during the social distancing and lockdown restrictions,