Why You Still Need to be On Instagram to Promote Yourself in 2020

Instagram is often touted as one of the best marketing strategies for individuals and businesses. It’s true that small businesses can compete with major rivals through a robust social media ad campaign. However, the true benefits of social media marketing are felt by the individual, specifically if you’re a musician or another type of artist.

Why is Instagram so important? Well, it’s a simple enough message… by being on social media, there’s more chance people will see what you have to offer. If you run a blog that talks about the best places to play blackjack online, a social media presence can help get eyeballs on your website. But what about your music, how can Instagram help?

In this article, you can read why Instagram remains the place to be to showcase your music.

Is Instagram Trending?

In recent years, Instagram emerged as the social media platform of choice for the influencer generation. Sure, it did not get as many active daily users as Facebook or Twitter, but it was the place to be if you wanted to be seen or heard. Of course, social trends come and go and its true during those years Instagram was riding a crest of a wave.

However, just because the social media trend-setting focus has switched to TikTok in 2020, don’t let that fool you into ditching Instagram. By the way, if you want your music out there, getting creative on TikTok would also be a good idea. Still, even in 2020, Instagram remains arguably the best platform to showcase your music to the public without having to pay for advertising.

What is Instagram?

If you’re a musician coming into this blind, here’s what you need to know about Instagram. Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a visually led social network that is based on visual content. Users share photos and videos through a timeline UI structure. Alongside images and videos, users can also place text.

Thanks to its simplicity and deep connection with mobile technology, Instagram became the go-to social media platform for young people. It not only helped the influencer generation; it was integrated with it and alongside YouTube helped to drive it.

It’s good practice for you to showcase your music across social networks, so don’t ignore Facebook and Twitter. However, if you want the best chance to be recognized and to gain a quick following, Instagram could be the ticket to success.

What should you post?

A ticket to success, but only if you attract followers. That’s easier said than done and there’s no guaranteed formula for amassing a virtual fanbase. That said, how many followers you get will largely be determined by the quality of your posts. Needless to say, you want your images and videos to be engaging and interesting.

As a musician you have a lot of creative license when using Instagram. If you want to let your music do the talking, some stripped-down videos spiced with engaging images would be a decent bet. If you see your music as an extension of a wider expression, you can get more creative and colorful with your videos.

You will be trying to curate followers, who will essentially be your online fans. These types of followers view individual artists differently to a company. When on a company’s Instagram, followers don’t want to see what the CEO gets up to day-to-day. When viewing a musician’s Instagram, they do value that personal connection.

With that in mind, show as much of your life as you are willing to do so. This is an easy way to keep fans engaged and coming back to your feed time and time again.

Author bio – Maria Taylor is content marketing expert & has contributed on several blogs online. She loves to write for blogs & feel free to connect with here on Twitter & Linkedin.