5 Features to consider when buying a new record player

Despite the massive growth of digital music, the sales of record players are on the rise. This can be attributed to a growing interest in these classic players as souvenirs or nostalgic pieces of the past. There is also the fact that the sound quality in record players is quite good, and you can have a good time, just like you would with digital music platforms. The challenge for most people comes to buying the right record player. Like all other electronic products, record players have been affected by counterfeits, and if not careful one can easily buy a low-quality one. There is also the fact due to the shift to digital music for the past decade, one can easily miss out on core features that make a record player worthwhile. To help you make the right choice, here are 5 features to consider when buying a new record player.

  1. Consider whether it’s manual or automatic 

One of the first things to consider when buying a record player is whether it’s manual or automatic. In a manual record player, you have to use your hands to lift the needle and place it on the record. On the other hand, in an automatic recorder, all you need to do is push a button and the needle will move. The one you go for should be subject to tastes and preferences, as there is not much difference in terms of sound quality.

  1. Consider its sizes and speeds

Anyone who has ever used a record player knows that it uses different vinyl records whose rotations are quantified in revolutions per minute. The players come equipped with a speed switch that one can adjust manually. For context, a 7-inch recorder plays at 45 revolutions per minute (RPM), which holds about 5 minutes on every side. A 12-inch recorder does 33 RPMs and can hold around 22 minutes of music on each side. Lastly, there is the 10-inch disc that can do 78 RPM. The one you choose is determined by how many songs you want to play at any given time.

  1. The design and other aesthetics

When looking to buy a record player, you should consider the design as well. Some have a compact design while others are bigger and more imposing. You will also notice that some have Bluetooth compatibility among other features. There are lots of other functionalities that come with these devices and you can learn more about them on http://multitrackmaster.com/.

  1. The phono stage

When looking to buy a record player consider the phono stage. The phono stage allows for a boost of the bass or the flattening of the tremble to an acceptable level. Essentially, it determines the quality of music that you get to enjoy. The better its quality, the better the music. 

  1. Streaming capabilities

Music today is largely available in digital format. As such, when looking to buy a record player, consider one that allows for music streaming. One way to do this is to consider one that has wireless functionalities to it.