Gasoline Tequila’s fantastic “Indulgent Fool”

A firefly makes its way across the sundown. The insect is sprinting to find cover for the nightfall. The city is aglow with the sounds and flavors of dancing everywhere. These are just a few of the feelings evolving from the track “Indulgent Fool”, a passionate instrumental from New York City’s Gasoline Tequila. To listen to this song is to feel as free as the winged birds in the sky.

Gasoline Tequila describes their sound as indie rock flamenco guitar focused. Massimo Lusardi is the main guitarist behind the band. Among the band’s many collaborations, Gasoline Tequila’s music has been featured in Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black, performed at New York Fashion Week and House of Yes.


The seductive guitar work intertwines with the listener like photosynthesis. The sunlight of the guitar yearns for the listener to stretch, to gravitate towards its spellbinding arrangements. A blistering amount of movement collides the listener with all its surroundings – like the world is opening up at each note, each turn. As the song continues, the fullness and brightness, is all the more staggering. It sounds as if a thousand guitars were playing at once, a fluttering effect.

The flamenco style is prevalent immediately, but as the song expands, so does the genre-bending tone. It’s like a montage of country, punk, rock and world music – a spinning energy source globing onto a million different sonic spectacles. A magic starts to happen, a whole new world opens up as if the pedal were put to the metal. The fullness of sound – an atmosphere of neon lights and indiscriminate buzzing, the fireflies once again come at the listener from each and every direction. In a melodious pattern, the guitars sweep back and forth, vying for the upper hand in each layering. The vibrant strokes, each confident and escape mechanisms, seem to run circles around each other before balancing out. Such sound. Such drama.

“Indulgent Fool” provides the listener with a two-way conversation. While there are no lyrics, the words can fill in themselves in a sort of mad-libs parlor game. Gasoline Tequila’s artistry weaves its way for creating the lyrics of your choosing in this wonderous music bed. Not too fast, not too slow. The pace and the subject matter are up to the listener. In a world of modern music doing its best to sound fabricated and systematic, or package itself into a certain genre, Gasoline Tequila take the different path and low-and-behold, use their God-given talents to create a song that is like nothing else. Most importantly, the listener feels alive. This song connects with almost all five senses.


Overall, listeners that dig bands like Rodrigo y Gabriella, Strunz & Farah, Gipsy Kings and Ottmar Liebert will want to invest some time in listening to Gasoline Tequila’s fantastic “Indulgent Fool”. This explosion of the senses is complete and utter joy. Listeners looking for a way to better connect with their inner imagination and immersion into nature will surely find “Indulgent Fool” happy to oblige.

Gwen Waggoner