Things you need to know about for your Website Design

There are many things by which visitors can get attracted to a certain web page. It could either be design or some new technique your designer has introduced. SkyPoint Studios builds and hosts premium websites for businesses, organizations, non-profits and companies locally and regionally. You can avail of Web Design Billings from this platform.

We will discuss some of the important points which can help you make your website stand out from others.


Have you ever looked at all possible hits during an internet search, read the website carefully, and tried to find the optimum? Probably not. We are usually comfortable creatures and do not try to make an optimal decision (which may not even exist), but are satisfied with a sufficiently good result. This means, for example, that the website visitor does not look at the entire navigation bar in search of information and then thinks about which link fits best. He takes a quick look at it and then selects the first one. If he does not find the information he is looking for, he tries the next one until he finds something or gives up and leaves the page. So you have to make sure that the first best link is the one that hits.


The typical internet user doesn’t bother finding out how things work. He prefers to cheat through. This enables him to use things he doesn’t understand properly. As long as we reach our goal, we don’t care whether we understand the website or the system correctly. When designing your website, you should make sure that the visitor does not have to cheat. If it is easy for him to understand and he finds what he is looking for, he has the feeling that he has control over his actions. This leads to better user experience and increases the chances that it will return to your site. Two popular tools to achieve this are hover animations and matching icons. However, animations clearly show that something happens when you click.


At school, we learned that a good text consists of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. This does not apply to texts on websites. Various studies found that the majority of website visitors do not scroll down on a page. Therefore, write the most important statements at the top and try to convince the reader with the first words. A long introduction bores the reader; it loses interest and is very likely to leave your site.


Do not bore the reader with irrelevant content. Focus on the valuable information and present it in an appealing way. A usability study has shown that text on websites could be reduced to a quarter on average without losing content that is relevant to the customer. Try to cut the texts on your website by half. In this way your readers will thank you for making it easy for them.