Aaron Burdett releases “Dirt Poor” video

Aaron Burdett has released a video for his song “Dirt Poor” after a premiere by The Bluegrass Situation. The latest single from the award-winning songwriter, “Dirt Poor” is recorded with a lean, yet irresistibly rhythmic acoustic sound. It’s an authentic, clear-eyed but loving look at the distance between yesterday and today.

P – https://thebluegrasssituation.com/read/watch-aaron-burdett-dirt-poor/

“This new video for ‘Dirt Poor’ is shot at my childhood home, where my folks still live. It includes old scrapbook photos of my family and their friends, interspersed with shots of my daughter playing in the same places and in the same way my brothers and I did back in the ’80s,” Burdett told The Bluegrass Situation. “To me, this song at depth is about nostalgia and aging and time. Things are totally different now, but also the same as they were way back when. As hard as it is to remember to do, we should all try to cherish the moment we’re in now, today. It may well be what we’re looking back on years down the road as the ‘good old days.’ Hope you enjoy it!