Sports and budget problems

There are issues people face in their budget for watching live sports. However, the solution to this issue is called VIDEO STREAMING.

The presence of sport in the media is the protagonist of the greatest possible and imaginable optical illusion. It seems at first glance that sport has a relevant space on TV and newspapers, in truth, however, it is easy to observe that football is the main protagonist of the schedules. If you are living in Korea one of the best solution in terms of a platform is 먹튀폴리스 for watching NBA, EPL, MLB.

Of course, in addition to football, there is also other sports broadcast in the national media. I refer, for example, to motors, basketball, volleyball, skiing, athletics, swimming, tennis, boxing, cycling. These sports, however, are followed only periodically and exclusively for prominent events. You can watch them at 먹튀폴리스 which is completely free of any cost.

It is no coincidence that the term “sports” was coined, whereas a minor we could really identify the resonance and sequel that unfortunately, these sports have in the media and in the public.

We are not here to judge whether this is either a right or a wrong phenomenon. Instead, it is interesting to understand how to meet sports federations and users and lovers of these disciplines.

As often happens, it is the internet that comes to the rescue of companies that have limited budgets and bone investments. With the network it is possible in fact, with limited money, to reach a potentially very high number of users with videos, articles, schedules, video streaming.

Let’s briefly analyze the cost centers.

Even the webspace and the domain are now a truly negligible investment to face. Social media are even free and represent the vehicle through which to gather fans and spread all the images that we manage to collect on the territory.

The real investment to be made is related to the images to be taken. To organize a video streaming service that can follow sporting events, you cannot limit yourself to amateur use of a video camera. In fact, it would not be possible for a user to be able to follow an event that lasts many minutes, if not hours in some cases, through too rarefied image quality or inadequate television language. That of the recovery, therefore, remains the real obstacle to overcome. For a direct video, which can be archived in a television channel and become a video on demand that the user can see when he wishes, a team of at least two people is needed: a director with his own desk, and a cameraman who can have a couple of fixed rooms and a mobile one.

As you can imagine, this type of transmission could be used to follow a single event (the final of the bowls championship for example) or for continuous and itinerant events (the hockey championship on the track). As regards the numerically demanding events from a budgetary point of view, the economic problem could be solved by following only a part of the events. Can we not follow hockey on the track? Ok, you can only resume the playoffs, or follow a race every week, perhaps the most representative or important for the ranking.