Ella Vos shares new track “State of Emotion”

Rising pop sensation Ella Vos shares a new track “State of Emotion” today—listen here and watch the lyric video here. The track is the latest from her highly anticipated second album Turbulence out July 31.

“‘State of Emotion’ is a snapshot of feeling overwhelmed in the lows and the highs,” Vos says. “I wrote this song shortly after discovering that I’m an ‘empath,’ or a highly sensitive person. Feeling deeply can be exhausting and scary, and oftentimes I find myself running away from this gift that allows me to connect deeply with others. In my work toward self-love and self-care I wanted to learn to sit with the uncomfortable and the different ‘states’ I find myself in, without jumping ship or trying to swim back to shore too soon. I hope ‘State of Emotion’ brings a sense of calm and rest to whatever state you’re in.”

The new track follows “Mistakes, they catch up”—cowritten with frequent Frank Ocean and Solange collaborator John Carroll Kirby—“Burning Bridges” and the album’s title track, “Turbulence,” which Idolator called “an uplifting and deeply relatable anthem about rolling with the punches.”