LÉON Releases New Single “And It Breaks My Heart”

Building off the success of her self-titled debut album, Swedish act LÉON offers the next breakup anthem “And It Breaks My Heart” — a soft, glowing pop track laced with soulful nostalgia.

Coming on the heels of two well-received singles released earlier this year, LÉON captivates listeners anew with her signature dusky alto caressing lyrics that strike to the core. LÉON sings of the anguish felt at the demise of a relationship–mourning how passionate love turns into indifference, which is portrayed beautifully in the storytelling visual for the track, that you can watch –

Emotive vocals accompanied by melodic violins and intimate rhythmic guitar demonstrate her knack for choosing arrangements that blend indie-pop with retro soul, resulting in a masterpiece listeners everywhere will relate with.

“Such a sadness in your eyes, now you’re looking down, you try your hardest not to show it. I can’t hold you, give you hope, ‘cause I’m not coming home,” sings LÉON. Whether you’re a heartbreaker or the one left behind, this track will keep tugging at your gut long after you’ve played it on repeat.