1TakeJay Releases Dance-Heavy Visual For “Proud Of U”

Compton rapper 1TakeJay recently released the vibrant and dance-heavy music video for his infectious new single “Proud Of U.” – which garnered a #WorldPremiere on BET Jams. Directed by Carrington, the colorful and high-energy visual features 1TakeJay performing alongside members from Tommy The Clown’s iconic dance crew TSquad. Released via The Machine Works / Asylum / Atlantic Records, you can listen to “Proud Of U” on all platforms here.

With a charismatic personality that helps give his braggadocious rhymes an elevated dimension, Compton rapper 1TakeJay is building a reputation as one of the most eccentric and exciting rappers to come out of Los Angeles’ contemporary rap renaissance. With his vocal dexterity and his eagerness to improve the vibe of every room he steps into, 1TakeJay is enjoying the process of earning his spot and cultivating a name for himself with every accolade.

“1TakeJay is the charming, milly rocking rapper with a contagious energy who is capturing the hearts of L.A. rap fans. The larger-than-life personality, who will photoshop himself into an Instagram photo with your girl if you insult him in his DMs, is the breakout star of the emerging One TakeBoyz crew.” – Pitchfork

“With a distinct West Coast bounce and contagious energy, 1TakeJay creates records that are perfect for turning up in the club. His animated flow earned him play in car speakers all across L.A., while his quick-witted and comedic lyricism in songs like “Acro” (“Jumped out the bed just to jump in yo’ bitch DM,” he raps) have brought him viral attention.” – XXL