How to boost world of Warcraft

Wondering how your enemy was able to kill you at the same level, you need the check the strength of your character. Increasing the strength and skill of your character is time to time event. With every single quest you accomplish, a new feature is unlocked which you can upgrade. In our detailed guide we will show you how to get World of Warcraft boost. At the start you will be desperate due to less experience but once you reach level 20 you can enhance your performance.

Buy the Level Boost

The easiest way to boost your performance is to go to the game store. You can purchase a character that is already at level 80. You can go there by clicking the “Shop” button in the User interface. The price for a character at level 90 is about $60.

Select the character to apply Boost

Once you have purchased the boost, now you can apply the boost to the character you have selected. A list of characters appears when you buy a boost. You can choose the character from there.

Recruit a Friend

There is another option for getting a boost. You can open the friend’s list by clicking the social icon near your list. This service allows you to get an instant boost once your friend accepts the offer and join. Your friend can easily join you wherever you are or they are. Your friend can also help you upgrade the level.

Have your friend subscribe monthly service

If your friend subscribes the monthly service, the players linked to the account can enjoy 300% XP from quests turn-in and kills. The service will be available until the players are in the desired distance of each other. The amount is deducted from their account.

Equip Heirloom Gear

Select the armors, weapons, and jewelry different from other types. The gears are bound to be used by an account. As you equip your character with these heirlooms gear you will increase the strength and experience of character by a certain percentage.

Select your gears wisely

Different gears provide different levels of an energy boost. For example, armor gear will give you more boost as compared to a cap boost and can cost the same. So it is better to consider your budget and the outcome you get after the gear upgrade.

Get a boost from special events

There are special events when you get the XPs boost. Once in a month there is Darkmoon Faire, you can visit the event to get up to 10% XP boost. The boost remains available for 1 hour.

Use Elixirs to get a boost

Elixirs of ancient knowledge are the potion that can increase your XP by 300% up to 1 hour. The potion comes from the rare breed of Krol the Blade and rare beasts. Increase your performance to the maximum level to get the potion and use them on characters from a low level.

System Optimization

First of all, you need to ensure that your computer system is optimized. In the window, tab write game mode setting. Turn off the game mode and game bar. Then you need to clear your standby list. You can use any authentic software for that.

  • Then click on the option in the game section.
  • Then open game settings.
  • And then uncheck enable game streaming in the streaming section.
  • After that again go to the options section and click on the show in Explorer option.
  • Open the folder containing World of Warcraft.
  • Click on the top retail tab.
  • Then right-click on the Wow exe file.
  • Click on the properties.
  • Check the compatibility tab. Then disable the full-screen optimization. Also, check the override IDP.