How Do Music Tracks Make it to the Billboard Charts?

Music success was first measured by Billboard in 1940. Since then, it has become a norm in the music industry. And this is done using various charts. Most singers believe their success is determined by how many platinum and gold rewards they have received as a result of their songs been popular. Even if you are new in the field, you can make it to the Pound of Music or Billboard chart. Check recent updates here.

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Here’s how you can get your music to top Billboard charts.

  1. Write a Story Around Your Music That is Worthy Reading

Well, if you have a blog, you can do this. And if you do not have, you can create one. Your story must be original and press-worthy. Do not copy anyone. People should feel the story is authentic when reading it, not a duplicate of another person’s story. People will follow an outstanding person.

  1. Create a Viral Video

A viral video means the most-watched video globally. Make it entertaining and ensure it is original. It does not have to be costly. Once you have the video, upload it on Google Video, Vimeo, and YouTube.

  1. Market your Music

For your song to be known, you have to market it. Promote it the best way, you know. Please post it on your social media accounts and music-sharing platforms like Sound Cloud. And do not just post or upload the song and wait for people to view. Engage your fans by answering any questions they may have, replying to their comments, and getting the albums they buy delivered in time. In case one buys an album then it has defects, it should be easy to get them a proper one. This way, you will build a customer base and trust for future releases.

You can also find support from music press release organizations by arranging with them to feature your music on main blog days before you release the song. You will have to pay them to do so, though, but it is worth it. It will make you sell more.

  1. Play the Song on Air

You have heard so many songs been played on the radio. This is precisely what it means to play music on air. It has to be played as many times as possible to get the music on the Billboard charts. For beginners, make sure you understand how the process goes before you decide to go for it. Broadcast Data Systems provides information on how many times the music has been played.

  1. Sales on Stores

You can be sure to appear on Billboard charts if you sell many albums, say over 500 records at least in the first week after release. For instance, in Canada and the United States, information on music sales is collected by Nielsen Soundscan. Then Billboard gets data on which songs are hitting from the Nielsen Soundscan.

  1. Itune Preorder Sales

Going high on Itune charts by selling preorder albums can help your song appear on Billboard charts. For instance, if you sell 300 albums before you release the song and 250 albums on the date of release, you hit the pass mark to appear on Billboard charts, which is a sale of 450 albums.

  1. Make Use of Spotify Windowing Feature

Spotify has a great feature you should make use of. The feature allows songwriters to place their music on the Spotify premium account before the song is released. This means Spotify premium subscribers will listen to your music before the release, which increases sales.

It is possible to have your music on Billboard charts even if you are new in the music industry. Experience is not what matters; rather, it is doing what you are supposed to do and determination. The above mentioned ‘how’ to appear on Billboard charts are but a few. There are many other considerations. However, these will promote your music, and sooner your music will feature on Billboard charts.

For an independent singer, it is not easy to get your song on the charts. However, once you get there, having other songs appear on the charts is very easy. Go ahead, write songs, and use the above tricks to make your music appear on Billboard charts.