Rev Peter Unger New Single For These Times “A Song and Prayer” & Q&A

Rev Peter Unger offers a glimmer of a better world on “A Song and a Prayer”. In the midst of so such conflict, anger, and uncertainty his voice serves as a beacon of hope. Lyrics are carefully selected for maximum impact. The loose and expressive guitar work, with riffs that effortlessly waft up into the sky, further punctuates the power of his words. By stripping things down to the absolute essentials, he utilizes the need for faith, a desire for something to believe in right in the midst of so much chaos and disinformation.

He sets the tone for the song immediately with the weaving of electric and acoustic guitar. The usage of these two elements further adds to the song’s setting. Words nestle their way into the pastoral grooves that gracefully glide on by. Right in the center of it all is Rev Peter Unger’s poetry regarding the importance of a belief system worth believing in. Ever so tender, the way the song unfurls at its own pace further emphasizes the long journey it takes for many to truly understand their faith. Usage of small yet significant gestures are amplified in the low-key setting. The message of happiness right in the middle of the current moment’s sadness and anger feels particularly timely.

“A Song and a Prayer” shows off the lovely work of Rev Peter Unger in presenting the importance of faith during the darkest times.



@skopemag: Where are we talking from today and how are you managing life under covid-19?

Aside from sheltering place, the fact that my son, daughter-in-law, and 2 year old grand-daughter have the virus has brought the epidemic literally close to home. I have managed largely by doing the most I can within these new perimeters. Getting out and walking, communicating, by cell email and zoom, with family and friends has helped, as has song writing.

@skopemag: When do you find you are most inspired to write & create new music?

I can be inspired by something joyful, sad, or even from everyday life. For me as a Christian and pastor, faith, particularly God’s loving Grace, and not God’s judgement, is the theme that consistently seems to shine through my lyrics.

@skopemag: Explain how the new song for – “A Song and Prayer” – came to be from an idea to a recording?

I was feeling particularly down the day I started writing the song. I was particularly worried that my 2 year old grand-daughter, who has asthma, had contracted the virus, and had a bad cough, As a part-time college instructor I was also feeling empathetic of many of my students who at the outset of class had shared how they were doing emotionally and physically. The feelings expressed in the lyrics of “A Song and Prayer” reflect their responses. A friend owns a recording studio, so it was an easy matter to have a recording of the song made.

@skopemag: What does this song – “A Song and Prayer” -mean to you?

Wanted to share a song of a different kind. Sometimes before we can fully appreciate all the ways the Lord is working in our lives we first need to pour out our heart to the God we know in Jesus Christ. This in turn may free up, and inspire within us, the constructive desire to let the Lord utilize whatever unique talents, and aptitudes God has gifted us with.

@skopemag: What keeps you positive and to keep moving forward with so much pain & suffering in the world?

Knowing that at times I can pour out my heart to the Lord trusting that in God’s love and Grace I will be freed from any negative energy. This trust also reassures me that God might, not cause, but use the negative experiences in our lives for God’s purposes. This can result, surprisingly, in prayers of gratitude and even joy. Some of the most joyous experiences being those where we help each other.