Blondia Present New Video “Do The Damn Thing”

New Jersey’s Blondia has the air and swagger of a player who’s been in the game for a minute but bangs out every single as though it’s her introduction to the world, and everything is riding on it. Hip-hop is life for this rapper and model with a decidedly Caribbean kind of confidence, and style to spare. She made some waves in the underground a couple of years ago with “Pretty Girls Clap,” a brash and sexy ass-mover with Rah Digga, who came up in Busta’s Flipmode Squad back in the day. She’s one of the new school female MC’s using her magnetic sexuality as a power move, with the skills to back it up. Blondia has no time for hesitation, and no need for second-guessing: she’s here to run shit on “Do The Damn Thing.”

Haters and hangers-on alike beware: Blondia’s all business, so if you can’t keep up, you’ve got no business being here. A skittering bounce and piano set a serious tone for bar after bar of Blondia laying down the law and laying claim to the throne of Baddest Bitch. She’s equal parts self-sufficiency and sexuality, spitting rapid-fire bars like, “Y’all got your tongue hangin’ out like you never saw a pretty girl rock.” It’s clear from the jump that she’s not the one out looking for a man; she’s the one getting high-end bottle service and ruining thirsty dudes’ nights. You can try to keep up with her fast-forward flow, try to match the work she puts in, and try to catch looks like her curves do, but don’t get it twisted. And step to the side. She’s here to do the damn thing.

Blondia works hard, and she plays hard. For all its boldness and braggadocio, “Do The Damn Thing” is a party jam at heart, perfect for the club. She rolls up in a white BMW i8 Coupe, vertical doors and all, because it’s about to be that kind of night. She hits the lounge, hooks up with her girls, and leaves the boys to stare. She flaunts what the Good Lord gave her, popping bottles, clinking glasses, having the time of her life, performing the single of her career. Directed by Dream Team Digital and Mike Lo, who shot “Tab Reloaded” for Remy Ma, formerly of Fat Joe’s Terror Squad, captures all the glamour, drama and celebration of an endless night out. For Blondia, this isn’t just ladies’ night; this is ladies’ life.