From Rottweiler Community To Media Company, Rottweiler Life LLC Aces It All!

When it comes to Rottweilers, most people are so welcoming. Even the most ardent dog lovers refer to the aggressive tendencies of Rotties but forget how loyal and loving they can be. Ahmed Sobhy wanted to spread awareness about this breed and in a short span of time, he has impacted the minds of thousands.

Rottweilers were always the love of Ahmed Sobhy but he wanted to take this love and spread it. He wanted people to understand these apparently unruly dogs are way more than meets the eye. Sobhy started a website Rottweiler Life and a Facebook page attached to it. When he started the discussion, his passionate words rang true with many. The website has now welcomed over 1.4 million lovers while his Facebook group boasts of nearly 90k members. When a page about dogs garners over 200k followers in a couple of months, they must be doing something right! The website even won the Best Rottweiler website in 2014.

Sobhy understood that Rottweilers can be particularly challenging. Especially when it comes to establishing leadership dynamics. He wanted to make it easier for people to understand Rottweilers. Compared to other dog websites, what brought him to the forefront was his area of focus – Rottweilers. Very little is available online about Rotties and Rottweiler Life changed that.

Be it the history of the breed or the subtle differences between German and American Rotties, this one-stop website covers it all! The high quality and highly informative articles are presented in a very engaging way, where you won’t feel like you are reading a guiding manual. You can relate to Sobhy’s words and come out all the wiser. If you want to develop your bond with your fur baby, you have to check out the website.

And when the audience wanted more of such interesting content on their now-favorite Rottweilers, Sobhy went ahead and published his e-book Rottweiler Life. This book is still being warmly received across the globe, and it even secured a place in the US Bestsellers’ list. His entrepreneurial instincts guided Sobhy to explore further. Recently Rottweiler Life got established as an LLC Media Company, based in Florida, USA. Sobhy is also the owner of Wow Things Media, another venture which goes beyond Rottweilers. Wow Things Media helps its clients with SEO services, website development, app development, etc.

Be it his love for Rottweilers or his yearning to explore the digital marketing world with Rottweiler Life LLC , passion is what drives Ahmed Sobhy. He has his community of supporters, who want more from him. He has the right instincts, can easily connect with his audience and engage them. Sobhy has no plans of stopping any time soon!