Todd Patnaude New Single “One and Only” from his album ‘Lifesongs’

Todd Patnaude has released the song “One and Only,” which appears on his album titled “Lifesongs.” The song is a great listen for anyone who enjoys classic or modern rock music.

Lyrically, “One and Only” begins and ends in the same way: with the chorus. This suggests the message stays the same throughout the song, as in both instances Patnaude sings that “I will be here for you my one and only” and he will “Promise to never let you slip away.” This demonstrates his passion for his significant other, which is the basis of the song.

Like most other rock songs, “One and Only” utilizes a guitar solo. It is certainly a welcome edition to the song, showcasing Patnaude’s impressive electric guitar skills. Elsewhere in the instrumentation is the acoustic guitar, as well as drums.


At times, specifically in the chorus, the listener will be able to hear a harmony in the vocals. Harmonies are often used in times of emphasis, meaning Patnaude likely aimed to emphasize the lyrics and melody of the chorus by doing this. Because of it, the chorus is easily one of the more memorable parts of “One and Only.”