Song Review: “Navy” by Austin Riddle

On May 22, 2020, Austin Riddle released the song “Navy”. It is primarily a hip-hop song with some pop elements, and will be a suitable listen for fans of those genres, as well as fans of upbeat relationship songs.

The lyrics enter fairly quickly, and start with “Just keep me underwater baby/Way you move catching my breath like I’m the Navy”. As is heard through these opening lines, Riddle is using the Navy as a simile here to describe his relationship with this significant other. Lyrically, it is a love song, and continues with memorable lyrics such as “Even after taking all this time to get closer to you/It feels new”. In other words, his love for his significant other always feels fresh, and he does not grow tired of that person.


A good hip-hop song is not complete without a beat that properly matches the flow of the vocals. Thankfully, the beat behind “Navy” accompanies the vocals well. Riddle clearly acknowledges this by adding a beat solo in at the end of the song, showcasing the beat’s ability to resonate with the listener on its own. Between the lyrics and the beat, this will make for a good addition to many people’s playlists.