Noah Cyrus Releases Powerful Video For ‘The End Of Everything’ Track

Following the release of her acclaimed EP ‘The End Of Everything,’ multi-platinum RECORDS/Columbia Records artist Noah Cyrus has released another simple yet powerful visual, this time for the EP namesake and closer ‘The End Of Everything.’

“The inspiration behind this song changed my life,” reveals Noah. “It’s all inspired by a time-lapse video of the universe I saw by John Boswell, who also directed my video for this song.” She continues. “For me, it really put into perspective how shortly lived our moments here as humans are. Situations from when I was younger started entering my head that I wanted to apologize for. There were people I wanted to reach out to that I hadn’t checked in on in a while. There were wrongs that I felt needed to be made right. I realized I needed to appreciate the current moment more, and to let the ones I love know I love them. The message that what we have RIGHT NOW is what matters. Nothing else.”