Kit Major Releases ‘Miss Sixteen’

With many of us back at home with family for so many weeks during the global pandemic, we can’t help but be bombarded with memories of the past; past friends, past loves, past heartbreaks and joy. Many times, we kept these memories on our Tumblr pages or plastered with photos and posters within our bedroom walls. But no matter what, we’ve been forced to reflect on who we were and where the journey has brought us to ourselves today. And that is what pop songstress Kit Major’s newest single and music video “Miss Sixteen” encompasses.

“Miss Sixteen” perfectly blends together Kit’s powerful vocals in a reflective, melancholy piece that is sure to stir up memories. Her video blends together the here and now with the back then, showcasing Kit’s own journey from awkward teenage years to adulthood today with collages of herself. But what makes the video even more special, is how encompassing it is. Not only Kit features her formative years, but the video is dedicated and showcases her fans that sent in their own collages, taking the time to share their past and present in the video.

Stream “Miss Sixteen” here: