When looking for stylish hairstyle ideas for men we often come across these trendy Asian men with eye caching and very trendy hairstyles. These hairstyles are created by skillful stylists who try to do their best to satisfy popular actors, models and stars. Then stylish men rock them and copy with great confidence pleasure. Therefore, we have decided to introduce Asian Men Hairstyles so that, too, you will be informed and inspired by new hair-styling ideas.

Asian style haircuts are very fashionable so we want to show you now the best styles for this type of hair, which you can already wear even being western, although depending on whether it is a Japanese or a Korean cut, we can find some that Another difference that we also detail, so that you can make a good choice. Good proposals that can serve you even to find the perfect cut this season.


In recent years, the Asian hairstyle has become very fashionable. The reason is that normally, they have very current styles in which the bangs, the straightened hair and above all, trying to wear the hair as natural as possible, are the key.

Oblique bangs

This is one of the hairstyles copied by many Korean men. Here you see a popular Korean movie actor and model from Li Min Ho with oblique bangs hairstyle. This style is often amused as it works with her face shape and facial features. To do this you must comb the main part of your hair in the outward direction.

Hard part

In this hairstyle, you need a little bit of texture on the top part. Brush the part of the hair crown in a left or right direction according to your taste. You can cut the side hair too short and it will make your hair look like a Mohawk hairstyle.

Short and thick

Thick hair can sometimes annoy men and for this reason, short haircuts are very appropriate. It becomes more manageable in a shooting style. You can go for a shortcut and brush your hair back. You can use hair gel to backcomb your locks

Long and layered

Smooth, healthy and shiny hair can be left long and stylish in one. Layered hairstyle this hairstyle will allow you to get a low ponytail or a bun you can pull the bangs to the side and you will be provided with a fashionable hairstyle

This hairstyle helps you keep your hair long and straight on the back, while you have a nervous effect on the part of the crown. A hair gel or wax will be the best product to achieve the top styling. You can nail your locks to any direction you like Spiked Korean cut men

If you liked these hairstyles you are welcome to choose one of them for your next look. Don’t forget to discuss with your stylist to find out if your hair type allows you to get that look like not.