How to Download Tiktok Video without Watermark on PC or Mac

As we all know, With developing of Tiktok these years, There are more than 800 Million Active users worldwide. 41% of User age From 16 to 24 years old. And India is the biggest Market for Tiktok because there are more than 465 millions Download Times in that area. And people spend average 52 minutes on Tiktok Video watching Every Day which is really Shocking data.

With more and more Tiktok active Users on it, Many people want to know on earth How to Download Tiktok Video on Computer PC or Macbook. Because they want to save their idols Videos and share to their friends on Facebook, instagram, Twitter or other social media platforms. Meanwhile, Some Video Studios also need a tool to Download Tiktok Video to their Pc or Macbook so that they can edit easier or Study how they camera it. They need hot videos to Study and Learn to Post a same one.

These days, many scammers may deceive the customers, so buy TikTok followers from a company with good review.

However, As we all know, Tiktok is only a mobile APP and Can not be Download to PC or Macbook. They all Can only Download Video to their Mobile Phone , their iPhone and Android with Watermark. But How to Download Tiktok Videos without Watermark on Pc or Mac? Any good solution for Tiktok Video Download without Watermark to PC or Macbook? Sure, Yamibest is your Best Choice.

Here is 4 Steps to Download Tiktok Video For you:

#1 Visit
Yamibest is one of the Best Tiktok Video Download Platform. So if you want to download tiktok Video, yamibest is your Best Choice.

#2 Look for the Tiktok Video Link from Computer or Mobile APP
You can find the Video Link on as well as Tiktok APP, After you find it, Click copy to clipboard.

#3 paste the Tiktok Video Link to the Yamibest Search Bar
Paste the Tiktok Video link to the search bar in Yamibest and Click Download Button, Then it will redirect to another Download page for you.

#4 Select the Video Version to Download
As a result, You can download a Tiktok Video with Watermark as well as the one without watermark. It all depends on what you request.