Mons Vi’s New Single, “Why Would I Do That?” Examines Love From New Angles

Mons Vi, Matthew Hershoff’s indie music outlet, has just put out a new single, “Why Would I Do That?” It’s a song about love that’s burned past the early stages of lust, making way for true romance. The song features tender guitar picking, a sweet, electronically-tinged voice, and some additional synthetic orchestration that imbues the arrangement with dynamism and movement. Indie artist, Alex Siegel, recently recorded a sensitive and soulful cover of the song, which is available on his SoundCloud.


“Why Would I Do That?” harkens back to the lo-fi roots of Mons Vi, conjuring the bedroom pop feel that has made the project so appealing to his fans. And with lines of pensive lyricism, “Lovers only consecrate all the tools they use for war,” Mons Vi is in his element on the track. Mons Vi’s got a lot in the works, including a new album, which he plans to release in late 2020. Matthew is excited about the work, and describes it as a collection of songs written over the past decade. They narrate different phases of his life and his journey in the arts. He views it as a musical debut, something that will give listeners a look into his personal journey and the world he inhabits.