The Letter Elle releases new soulful track + video for ‘Sunrise’

Emulating warmth and soul, Brisbane based singer-songwriter, The Letter Elle makes a bold return with a self-produced track, ‘Sunrise’, premiered via triple j’s Roots ‘n All.

Showcasing her skill for production, Elle Emery has created a new track ladened with smooth electric guitar riffs, crisp percussion elements, and raspy R&B and Jazz tinged vocals. ‘Sunrise’ is a retrospective and picturesque song inspired by living in the moment and finding solace. “Sunrise is, at first glance, a love song about enjoying just being in the moment and not putting pressure on what it ‘should be’ or where the future is going,” explains Elle.

“I think that subconsciously I wrote this song to myself about where I am currently at in my life. At the end of last year, I graduated uni and had an injury that prevented me from singing at all for months. It reminded me of my love for just doing things purely for the enjoyment. I hope that in this scary and uncertain time, this song can help people to remember they just need to take a step back and enjoy life for what it is. There’s no need for a big, complicated plan and we have to just take life day by day,” continues Elle.