Barcelona Training Again as part of a four-phase plan

The new season of football matches is about to start, and the news of the football facility and players are floating everywhere. Since the bad news of the fracture of Luka Jovic comes, the fans of the striker are not happy because they want him to perform in the summer season. He was unable to play in the last seasons, so; his fan wants him to play well this time, but what to do?

We all the pandemic condition of the COVID-19, and the FIFA also decides to start the training for the upcoming summer season that may begin in mid-June. The team Barcelona will start the training session in a four-phase plan. This plan is designed for the wellbeing of the players and to get the ผลบอล.

La Liga champions allow the players to start the training for the coming session in Spain. There are some rules that the players must follow, for example:

  1. They are not allowed to bring anyone with them.
  2. No more changing room is open for them.
  3. They must come with their kits.
  4. Only Joan Gamper center pitches can be used for practice.
  5. The rules are for all the team fellows of Lionel Messi and him as well.

The main aim to plan this practice is to check the fitness of the players and check how much quarantine timescale effect on the fitness of the team.

As well as going through their routines, they were tested to see how two months of coronavirus quarantine had affected their fitness. Arturo Vidal giving his reviews about the training session and said:

“Finally, we are getting back to normal. We hope to carry on and that soon we can get back to enjoying what we like to do most,”

Most of the players return for the training including:

  1. Osasuna
  2. Sevilla
  3. Villarreal
  4. Leganes

The other player will start to join the team on Monday after clearing the virus test.

What is a four-phase plan?

This plan is made to provide the training facility to the players, and for that, they are divided into four groups. In the first phase, only six players will allow to come and practice in the ground. La Liga permits this program, and they let this program after keeping the safety of the players in mind. It is essential to divide the players in different shifts or phases before adding them into one team.

When it comes to the final phases, the government will be able to announce the events that can be held outside the cities where only 400 people can allow attending.

According to Javier Tebas, League president:

“it is not an option” to cancel the season given the economic fallout, estimating it would cost clubs around a billion euros (Dh4.35b).

Well, we are hoping that this event will bring some happiness to the faces of the people who are already sad with the pandemic phase. The figure crossed for the main event.