Hey, King! Sign To ANTI- & Share Passionate Debut Single “Don’t Let Me Get Away”

When you first hear Canadian born, California based indie rock band Hey, King! it immediately becomes clear that each musical moment is rendered with precision, care, and a whole lot of heart. These are powerful and humanity affirming songs from songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Natalie London and her partner, vocalist and percussionist Taylor Plecity. A high-spirited eight piece orchestral band when playing live, Hey, King! has the exuberance of Arcade Fire, the freewheeling simplicity of Tom Petty and the wit-filled resonance of Fiona Apple. Watch the intimate new video for their debut single “Don’t Let Me Get Away” –

“I wanted to call it ‘abandonment issues’ but nobody thought that was a catchy title,” London joked. “This is one of those songs that came out in one fell swoop. I was wandering around alone and just started singing to myself about all the ways I could feel myself fucking up. By the time I got back to my RV I pulled out a piece of paper and wrote it down from beginning to end. This song is about as straightforward as it gets from me. I’d like to think that vulnerability is the backbone of every song on this record but this one especially is hard at times to get through.”