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Rap Prodigy Suigeneris Isn’t A Role Player, He’s A “Star Player”

With an effortless charisma and a professionalism that belies his 16 years, Suigeneris is quickly becoming one of his generation’s go-to sources for melodic bars. Showing his angelic side in a charming new video, Suie shares “Star Player.” Riding a backbeat-accented beat from Trademark (G Herbo, Curren$y), Suie stunts on his success with the ladies–he takes big romantic swings, and they always pay off: “Bad lil’ shawty and she singing all my songs/Feeling lonely, so I might just take her home/Yeah, yeah, I’m a bad bitch-getter, sixteen making six figures/And I’m posted up on the block with some real killers.”

Jamo Gang “Walking With Lions” Out Today On Fat Beats Records [Album Stream]

Jamo Gang consists of LA legend Ras Kass, NYC veteran emcee El Gant and J57 on production. The trio’s debut album “Walking with Lions” is out now via Fat Beats Records. The album features DJ Premier, Slug from Atmosphere, Sid Wilson from Slipknot, Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm & Slaine from La Coka Nostra. J57 handled all of the production except for “The 1st Time” which was produced by living legend, DJ Premier. The “Walking with Lions” LP embodies head-nodder boom-bap infused with big sounding, lush soundscapes as Ras Kass & El Gant command the listener’s attention speaking on subject matter ranging from school shootings to what life would be like with a nuke arriving in 38 minutes.

Galimatias x French Kiwi Juice x Bas

Opening with tender keys and Bas’s layered verse forming a sublime choir-of-one, Galimatias’s version spotlights the forlorn, remorseful chorus hiding inside the infectious original. The daring rework lives out the idea of risk, as sonically turbulent as the relationship Bas details in French Kiwi Juice’s original. Replacing the tripping flow of the original’s verse with instrumental passages that cycle through choppy, pitched-down vocal samples, buzzy synths, orchestral flourishes of horn, strings, harp, percussion and more, Galimatias’s reimagining of “Risk” is complex, emotive, and immersive.

Gregory Uhlmann announces new album with “Spice Girls”

The singer-songwriter and guitarist Gregory Uhlmann, a member of Perfume Genius, Fell Runner and the genre-bending improvising trio Typical Sisters, has in the past found loveliness in dark places. His acclaimed solo album of 2016, Odd Job (Dog Legs Music), blended “lush, hypnotic, minimalist chamber-pop with compelling, introspective folk melancholy,” per the Big Takeover. The Chicago Reader had equally high praise for Uhlmann’s “tender singer-songwriter album,” a collection of “beautiful melodies with somber, baroque arrangements.”

Interview: Gregory Uhlmann’s New Single “Spice Girls” Is a Raw, Impassioned Outpouring

Zoe & Cloyd ask “Where Do You Stand” in latest single

As we navigate through a year already fraught with both ongoing and new, unanticipated crises, the need for dialogue and common ground has never been clearer. That’s the message of the new Organic Records single from Zoe & Cloyd, which sets its titular question — “Where Do You Stand?” — to a hard-driving, traditional-leaning bluegrass groove.

Reuben and the Dark shares hopeful message in “We Will Get There”

Reuben and the Dark has always made an effort to put community first and foremost. Take a look at Reuben’s recent videos on Facebook and you’ll see the undeniable connection he has with his audience, all openly sharing their fears and triumphs that have resulted from quarantine. Today, Reuben and the Dark releases a new song, “We Will Get There,” an uplifting and auspicious tune meant to acknowledge the current situation of the world, and create some hope for the future.

Reuben And The Dark Delivers Hope That ‘We Will Get There’ on New Single


“Don’t Need Love” has just passed 18.5 million cumulative global streams. It charted at #38 in the UK Singles chart and currently sits inside the Top 30 of the midweeks after being placed on the BBC Radio 1 A-list playlist, The Capital B List and the Kiss FM playlist. It also reached #15 in the Spotify UK viral chart and got the remix treatment by UKG don Majestic. “Don’t Need Love” currently sits at #5 at Dance Radio in the US and can be heard on countless playlists worldwide, such as Pop Rising and Mint.

Thiago Nassif Shares New Single “Plástico”

The second album single, which offers a criticism of the institutionalized “white cube” format of art galleries, is evidence that music can be all at once jarring and discordant, yet also head-noddingly catchy and satisfying.

“Plástico” gives context to the interdisciplinary alternative scene of Rio De Janeiro as well as Thiago’s vocation as visual artist as well as musician. Arhythmic guitars and sporadically timed synth patterns accompany Thiago’s part-spoken, part-sung Portuguese vocals, which are harmonised by Laura Wrona and experimental artist Negro Leo. Claudio Brito on atabaque and timbau and Vinicius Cantuaria on drums are a Brazilian reminder of this music’s origin.

Ray Isaac – ‘CRAZY FOR YOU’ – Music Video

“My New Single and Music Video, CRAZY FOR YOU, is out now on every digital platform to buy & stream. Please add it to your spotify playlists. Dance to it on TikTok. Pump it on your apple, deezer, amazon lists. You have 3 remixes to choose from. #CrazyForYouRayIsaac”

Greyson Chance Releases “Honeysuckle” Today Via Arista Records

Of the song and video, Greyson says, “Honeysuckle’ is inspired by my own personality changes from the summer to the winter. Every year, I notice a larger difference within myself as the season changes. In the colder months, I tend to be reserved and timid, and in the heat, I embrace a reckless and carefree energy. I wanted this song to represent the change between unsure and sure, between shy and outgoing, and between guarded and free. It reminds me of my teenage years anytime I hear it, and it makes me feel nostalgic. I hope it does the same for the listener.


“Honestly, I was in the studio f*cking off and my producer pulled up the beat that he was working on and that’s how the song came about.” Da Great Ape shares about “Quarter Brick.” “Shoutout to Project Pat. He’s one of the OG’s that inspired me to do this music sh*t.”

narou Shares New Single ‘Her Love’ with iris

narou believes in the invisible natural forces that shape us and change the world, one person at a time. To him, music is a very personal journey, and every track he brings to light reflects a part of him, or a process which he has explored, adopted, and transformed from mind to music. This constant hunger for progression and development led to producing music with Bearcubs and James Hersey as well as supporting James on tour in 2019. He has since released a string of singles that have seen him receive praise and further develop to become known as an artist with an undeniable talent for writing pop music that is filled with deeper elements than the usual. This year will also see the release of narou’s debut EP ‘GOOD COMPANY’.

narou and iris Leave Manipulation on the Electro-Soul Cut, ‘Her Love’

Jordan Davis Announces New Single “Almost Maybes” + Self-titled EP

“This is one that feels universal. For the few things in life that do fall into place and work out; there are a lot more that don’t,” shares the Louisiana native of his lead single. “This is for those times, the ‘almost maybes.'”

Colombian-American Actor & Singer-Songwriter ¿Téo? Returns With New Single “UNI2”

Having toured with close collaborators Jaden & Willow Smith late last year, multi-talented artist ¿Téo? today reveals stunning new offering “UNI2.” A genre fluid offering from a multi-lingual artist, the track is a stellar entrance into 2020 for this newcomer.

Speaking on the release, he states: “‘UNI2’ translates to “UNITED” (Unidos). I’ve lived with the song for over a year, yet it seems like it couldn’t be more relevant to today. I feel like the meaning continues to evolve, but the song provokes the feeling of coming together and the sentiment was to bridge a language barrier that too often disconnects us.”

Shannon Lay’s Live at Zebulon available today at all DSPS from Sub Pop

Shannon Lay’s Live at Zebulon, her first-ever live album, was recorded last fall while on tour in support of August, her Sub Pop debut, and is available now at all DSPs. The thirteen-track effort features songs from throughout her three-album catalog – August, All This Going Down, Living Water – and her covers of Karen Dalton’s “Something On Your Mind” and Black Box’s “Everybody, Everybody.”

Joe Goddard & Hayden Thorpe Announce New Collaborative Single “Unknown Song”

After a career-long appreciation for each other’s work, “Unknown Song” is the first time Goddard and Thorpe have found themselves musically entwined together, to glorious effect. Written and recorded in early 2020, “Unknown Song” is an uplifting and euphoric dance track. It delivers a sense of hope and positivity, reminding of and recalling better, simpler times.

Fake Names’ Self-Titled Debut Out Now

In early 2016, Brian Baker and Michael Hampton met up at Hampton’s Brooklyn home to play some guitars and see “if anything shakes out”. Friends since first grade, the two guitarists ended up writing four songs that day, and closed out the session deciding to continue the collaboration and get a band together to play the songs live as soon as possible.

SOJOURNER Releases Third Single “The Event Horizon”

Singer Emilio Crespo states: ““The Event Horizon“ is a song where some of the worst feelings in someone can come to life. A sense of dread, loss, isolation and the overall sensation of nothingness takes over. I thought it would be fitting to take some inspiration from a black hole in space. To spiral until the point of no return (or in a black hole’s case, Singularity). There can be hints of nihilism found in the song as well. When I listen to the song I can still immerse myself in the dark world we painted with the song and it stands as a very powerful track for me.”