How not to get bored in the confinement of the Covid-19

Millions of people around the world are in quarantine, confined to their homes indefinitely by the coronavirus. This new way of life involves new challenges in teaching, working, socializing, and entertaining.

The coronavirus outbreak has forced many countries to establish a mandatory quarantine to prevent the spread of Covid-19. For this reason, the majority have had to isolate themselves in their homes to avoid getting and infecting, in any case, their loved ones. In addition to being a drastic measure, confinement involves a great challenge to work remotely and not get bored.

Although it is paradoxical, when many debates and criticize in the middle of the digital era that people spend a lot of time looking at their cell phone screens and sometimes privilege this over socializing with others in person, almost everyone has had to use force majeure. These virtual tools to communicate and entertain in the midst of this global coronavirus crisis.

Many people told that they felt bored at home after the virus outbreak. Efficiency and productivity are two values that define today’s society. Whether at work, in class, or even in our personal lives, we must be able to do several activities at the same time. It is what is known as multitasking or multitasking.

And it is that in our culture it is almost unthinkable to hang out “doing nothing”. It seems that social norms force us to have fun permanently, to interact, and to be doing things all the time.

These weeks of confinement, the leisure industry offers a wide variety of proposals to cover any space of free time.

Creativity and boredom

There is a fairly widespread idea that boredom is related to people’s creative capacity, although there are no scientific studies that support this theory.

However, what the scientific community does agree on is that boredom is essential when looking for alternatives with which to activate our brain. And this can have a very positive impact on the creative side and on the development of the imagination.

In fact, many writers, painters, and musicians have claimed the “right to be bored” as a way to boost their creativity throughout history.

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