Pink Elefants Premiere New Single “Blame On Me”

Pink Elefants (formerly the band Megosh) have shared a brand new single, “Blame On Me”. Fans can check out the music video and find it all on streaming platforms at –

Pink Elefants are dropping their third offering, “Blame On Me” today, a piece heavily influenced by modern R&B, and arguably their most ambient and soulful piece in their body of work. A song focusing on toxic relationships and broken human connection, the group have truly poured their heart into the piece.

Member Finch had the following to add about the single: “If someone blames you for something long enough, you’ll eventually think you are the problem. It can really mess with your head and ruin your self esteem; a relationship should be about building that person up, not merely pointing out all the flaws in you. When you love someone and they are unhappy with you, it’s a shitty feeling. Be very careful on who you let in- the deeper it gets, the harder the grip on you becomes.”