Alt-Pop songstress ALITA drops new single “Too Close”

Refusing to conform to oversaturated pop traditions and embracing the unconventional elements on her journey, rising alt-pop songstress ALITA has found her own way to bend genre to her will.

ALITA is sure to captivate with her new single “Too Close,” a breakup ballad that explores the relatable musings of two people figuring out what they mean to one another. In a compelling twist, she flips the script and unpacks her own ‘situationship’ anxieties by telling the story from her partner’s perspective. According to ALITA the song came from reflection over her own past experience, sharing “it’s that moment of fear in a new relationship, when you realize you’re past the point of return – you’re past the moment when this person is just a new face in your life. Now their presence carries weight and meaning, you start wondering when they’re going to call or text, you can’t stop thinking about them. And then, the commitment issues start to show up…” While the song has a nonchalant vibe overall, ALITA admits that “cutting things off is really hard and releasing this song feels like a bookend to that whole situation.”

“…a formidable balance between R&B and the bleeding edge
of modern pop…” – AMERICAN SONGWRITER

“…ALITA is definitely someone to keep an eye on…” – L’OFFICIEL USA