Masa Takumi and Domo Music Group Present ‘Heritage’ Single/Video

A gorgeous blend of the traditional and modern, Masa Takumi crafts a vivid universe with “Heritage”. Such a crisp sound every single element is given plenty of room to breathe. Instrumentally he incorporates a wide variety of sounds into the mix. Though full and completely bewildering to behold, he knows the art of balance. Such a kaleidoscope of color reigns supreme for the tones have a light airy quality. Quite the stylistic tour de force, elements of jazz, funk, and folk are woven into a series of celestial sounds. Further helping to move the piece along is the sense of interplay that the musicians have, bouncing ideas off each other while ensuring that the group play dynamic remains intact.

Masa Takumi does such a fantastic job in creating a perfect mixture, making sure never to veer too heavily into one influence. Akin to Hizuru’s work on “飛鶴” this too offers a bit of magic into its surroundings. The way that the sound seems to virtually breathe feels particularly invigorating. By letting it unfurl in its own time, the patient yet persistent pace recalls a Ryo Fukui’s funky, spry work. Various elements virtually pop for the way it comes together helps to make it feel so absolutely infused with joy.

The melody introduces the piece setting the tone for what follows. Drums further add to the sense of funk, as the traditional instruments seem to reflect the funk coming from the bass. Everything about it simply feels outright celebratory. Knowing how to do the breakdown with such care, they show off a true ear for melody. By further giving the traditional elements reframing in a more modern context, they completely mess with listener expectations in the best possible way. For the evolution of the groove adds to its poignancy. Even the way they let it slow waft up into the air lends it all such tremendous grace. From the piano to the drums it all comes together into a singular stream of consciousness.

“Heritage” reveals Masa Takumi to be a master of his craft presenting a work that transcends time.