Future Connect Training provides: Sage Accounting course

Learn to use Sage accounting software with Future Connect training. Our courses are well designed for those new to accounting looking to gain technical accounting skills.

Sage is a well-known accounting software by small to large accounting firms and businesses. If you are looking to gain experience using accounting software to prepare for MTD, Making Tax Digital, or you are new to accounting. Our Sage course can give you an introduction to accounting with a good knowledge of using Sage.

At Future Connect Training, we provide accounting courses like bookkeeping, vat and AAT courses. We help learners with all types of accounting positions, using reputed accounting software to give you all the skills required to kick start your career in accounting. If you are in need of free invoice templates reviews we have got the best site. So much great content here. 

We have various courses available using different Sage software, all levels:

• Bookkeeping, using Sage 50 Accounts

• Payroll, using Sage 50 Payroll

• Accounts Assistant, using Sage 50 Accounts

• Management Accounts, using Sage Production

• Final Accounts, using Sage Production

Each course will help you gain skills and knowledge unlocking various job opportunities. You will be working with different types of businesses from various industries, to help you achieve a good understanding of how accounts are dealt for different sectors.

Course process:

For each course you will be provided with the following:

• Detailed workbook for each client, with step by step instructions

• Guidebook on how to use each software

• Video tutorials

• Presentations with additional information, providing you with theoretical learn to consolidate your learning

• Qualified trainers available at all times to assist you throughout the course

Our Courses:

1. Bookkeeping and VAT

This course covers all the essential steps of bookkeeping. You will be working on six different clients from various industries, using different VAT schemes. You will learn to set up VAT schemes and understand how each scheme is used to calculate VAT. Future Connect Training is CPD Approved Training provider. The training is integrated with AAT Qualifications and is linked with AAT Level 2 modules.

You will be using Sage 50 Accounts to:

• Setup the client’s company

• Enter supplier and customer information into the software

• Find transaction and invoices record in Transaction modules

• Record purchase and sales invoices in supplier and customer module

• Record bank statement into software

• Record Petty cash

• Bank reconciliation and VAT return

• Analyse VAT return reports and make necessary amends

• Submit VAT return to HMRC via Sage

By the end of the course, you will be confident using Sage and be able to determine what VAT scheme with be beneficial for a specific type of business.

2. Bookkeeping and Payroll

Our Payroll course will give you an introduction to using Sage 50 Payroll. You will be working on two companies, for each you will be required to record all employee’s details and payments. You will able to make all adjustments and record holidays, statutory pays and pensions. Future Connect Training is CPD Approved Training provider. The training is integrated with AAT Qualifications and is linked with AAT Level 3 modules.

Overall course content:

• Setting up the company into a software

• Record all existing and new employee details

• Set up and assign holiday schemes and pensions scheme

• Create Pay Elements

• Enter employee payments and deductions

• Record absences such as holiday, Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP), and Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP).

• Generate reports such as Payment summaries, P32 and payslips

• Process leavers and generate P45

• Carry out Payroll Year end and produce P60

• Submitting FPS (Full Payment Submission) to HMRC

3. Accounts Assistant

This course will give you more advanced knowledge using Sage 50 Accounts. You will work on companies from constructions industries suing CIS (Construction Industry Scheme). You will be dealing with monthly and quarterly adjustments.

Course Content:

• Foreign transactions: recording transactions using foreign currency, submitting Intrastat report to HMRC and generate EC sales report. Carry out bank reconciliation for Pound, Euro and Dollar bank account.

• Construction Industries: recording regular invoices as well as CIS invoices, allocating the transaction to CIS invoices.

• Recording Journal entries for Prepayment, accruals and adjustments. Generating Trial Balance and Profit and Loss reports and creating balance sheets.

4. Management Accounts

Learn to use Sage Production for planning, forecasting and budgeting. Learn about the different types of forecasting techniques and analysis. Future Connect Training is CPD Approved Training provider. The training is integrated with AAT Qualifications and is linked with AAT Level 4 modules.

• Forecasting: Learn about qualitative and quantitative forecasting. Learn about the different types of analysis, such as trend analysis and smoothing techniques.

• Business Planning and Budgeting: learn the approaches to business planning, how to develop a financial plan/budgeting.

5. Final accounts

Learn to use Sage Production to generate final accounts for a business. Learn to submit Corporate tax to HMRC.

Course content:

• Formats and Tools menu in Sage Production

• Entering Comparative balances

• Entering journals: double entry, multiple entries, prepayments and accruals

• Understanding the financial reports of a company

• Submit CT600 to HMRC

If you interested in any of our course or would like to have more information, please contact us. We can book a free consultation to discuss further, and give you free advice on how you can achieve your career goals.

Our training centres are located in London and Birmingham. Our offices are open 7 days a week, and sessions can be booked at a time that suits you.

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