Jessica Rose Emboldens Listeners to Appreciate Their Loved Ones – “Quit Complaining”

Nashville pop-country artist Jessica Rose will release her catchy quarantine-influenced track “Quit Complaining” on Wednesday, April 22nd. Authentically inspired by the frustration for people who senselessly complain about the things that don’t matter, Jessica encourages listeners to show appreciation for their loved ones and the people who have kept them sane during the COVID-19 quarantine. With lyrics like “We’re not promised anything, and time is short so I’ll make it sweet and I’ll quit complaining,” she introduces a dash of existentialism to the lighthearted feels of her track, reminding people of how short life truly is. Annoyed by petty arguments on social media and shallow complaints about things that don’t actually matter, Jessica hopes her song serves as a wake-up call for people to take a step back to be grateful to be alive, healthy and loved, especially during these hard times.

Both a Nashville rising star finalist and the receiver of second place in the NASH FM Battle of the Country Bands, Jessica Rose is quickly making a name for herself in Music City’s pop-country scene. The Country Music Association named her a 2017 Emerging Artist and Jessica went on to appear on American Idol season 12 with judges Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Randy Jackson. Having opened for Tracey Lawrence as well as Jimmy Buffet on Margaritaville TV, it’s no doubt that we are witnessing Jessica Rose’s elegant rise to country stardom. She regularly performs in Nashville and NYC including residencies at Opry City Stage in Times Square and various casinos in Atlantic City, NJ. Let her new single “Quit Complaining” be a reminder that among the bad, there is always good. And that we need to appreciate and care for our loved ones now more than ever before. Don’t be distracted by petty fights and shallow complaints. Love the ones you’re with and stay grateful for the little things in life.