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Rod Wave Releases Visual For “The Last Sad Song”

Directed by DrewFilmedIt

Dark Electro-Pop Band SHADOW FASHION Reveal Their Video and Single, “Children Of The Night”

San Antonio-based dark electronic band SHADOW FASHION are proud to announce the release of their new video and single, “Children Of The Night.”

For fans of: Depeche Mode, The Cure and New Order

The theme of the song speaks of the loneliness and isolation we have all gone through at times. However, it is important to realize that we are never truly alone as we are surrounded by our friends, family, and loved ones.


Victoria Monét is diving into 2020 with the release of her flirtatiously smooth new track “Dive”, premiering as the New Music Daily cover and on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music Beats 1 Radio show today. “Dive” marks the third single off Monét’s forthcoming project, Jaguar, slated for release this spring, following the singles “Moment”, a bold track exploring sexual infatuation, and the self-love gym anthem “Ass Like That”. Monét exudes confidence in her unapologetic lyricism, uncompromising expression, and fierce femininity. In “Dive” Monét further displays this dazzling self-assurance; she knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. “Dive” combines elements of R&B, Jazz, and Hip-Hop incorporating honey-glazed vocals, a mellow beat, and her signature 70’s inspired horns as the backdrop.

Victoria Monet Shares New Track “DIVE”

Pure Protein shares new single / video “Molly Urethane” via Austin Town Hall

Today, Pure Protein shares the single & video “Molly Urethane” which as you may have already guessed, is not about a person named Molly. The premiere is up now at Austin Town Hall. The video features the hazy urban landscape of Los Angeles at dusk, filmed before quarantine started. Pure Protein’s Winner Goes Home EP is due out on May 8th

Marchelle Bradanini has returned with a tongue-in-cheek, politically charged new single “Red White & Blues”

“Her blend of country, blues, and rock might just make her the next big crossover artist.” – VICE

“Melding the dreamy world of Beach House or Mazzy Star with Nikki Lane’s quirky cowgirl” – Rolling Stone

“Bradanini has made her name by mixing the best parts of rock, country, the blues, and her own sultry voice” – Entertainment Weekly

La Dawn – “Do It For The Cash”

La Dawn’s own sound takes elements from each of these and adds something fresh and unique for a result unlike anything today’s music fans have heard before. With an emphasis on bumping back beats, classic bass lines and an impressive performance from La Dawn, herself, “Do It for the Cash” by La Dawn has a little something for everybody.


“I have been thinking a lot about sexuality and my identity, how much I define myself by it and how empowered and inspired I am in my ownership of it. The urge to fuck is one of the most humanizing feelings, and one of my favorites — it fuels my creativity and the evolution of my artistry and it’s a big part of the romance I’m so inspired by in relationships with my muses. And yet somehow, no matter how eloquent I am, I’m still patronized. I find myself constantly policed, mostly by men, mostly putting me in my place for “disrespecting myself” and being a “bad example” for girls. Or it’s the opposite and I’m creeped on and unnecessarily encouraged or shamed for being not enough — skinny/pretty/whatever. Sometimes it can feel claustrophobic, like I’m trapped in the explicit nature of my work. It’s hard not to absorb the scrutiny and feel insecure.


The original track was released last summer and has amassed over 47M combined audio/video streams worldwide and has garnered over 806k videos on TikTok. Earlier this year, Audrey dropped her EP 5 A.M. which includes “Y U Gotta B Like That” as well as “Fake Heartbreak” which Idolator called “soulful” and Ones to Watch praised its “gorgeous bluesy vibe.” Her spring tour saw her first ever New York show sold out.

V Magazine Premieres Alaina Castillo’s “just a boy” Video

“just a boy” was written by Alaina alongside Romans (Lewis Capaldi, Ella Mai, Demi Lovato, Khalid), her regular collaborator who also produced the track. The single is the first off her upcoming EP the voicenotesout this Friday, April 24th, which will be released in both English and Spanish (May 22nd), reflecting the bilingual nature of her music.

Bananagun share “People Talk Too Much”

Today, Melbourne-based Bananagun have announced their debut album, The True Story of Bananagun and have shared the lead single from the the record. “People Talk Too Much” is an upbeat, sunshine nugget inspired by Fela Kuti. The True Story of Bananagun is due out on June 26th, 2020 via Full Time Hobby.

Nate Lee Independently Releases Wings of a Jetliner June 12, 2020

Nate Lee is an International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) award-winning instrumentalist and renowned teacher of private lessons and music camps. The overlapping landscapes of folk, bluegrass, old-time, and new acoustic music offer a wide field to hoe and singer/mandolinist Nate ably covers every bit of that ground. Tuneful lopes, the muscular bounce of ‘grass, the sparkling charm of Grisman-Rice inspired dawg music, and more are all in his comfort zone and he moves between them with uncommon ease. Nate is known as the kind of musician who is able to put his own stamp on whatever he plays and his forthcoming album, Wings of a Jetliner, brings that home and is set for independent release June 12 on his own Adverb Records.

Introducing TV Priest | DL: “House Of York”

Firm friends since their youth, first making music together as teenagers, the band wandered in different directions before, somewhat inevitably, they began to write and rehearse again late last year. Early songs took form in their studio space in Hackney Wick and they knew they were onto something a little special.

“House Of York”, their propulsive debut single, was recorded, engineered and mixed by the band themselves before being mastered at Abbey Road.

ELM: Italian Noise Rock Unit To Release The Wait Full-Length Via Bronson Recordings

A raging display of manic urgency, the eleven track analog recording was captured by Paride Lanciani (Kash, Instrumental Quarter, Maniac Du Jour) and assisted by Alberto Costa, at Oxygen Recording Studios in Verzuolo, Cuneo, Italy in a week of retreat during the hottest summer ever. The state-of-the-art analog environment on the hills overlooking the flat land surroundings of Cuneo served as the ideal place for ELM to channel the mood of the songs into the tracks.

Ride the virtual surf with No Moniker in their new video for “Tidal Wave”

The video premiered via Under The Radar Magazine where frontperson Jordan Scott shared: “Most of the ideas in the video happened by chance—the nautical theme fit the song, we live close to water, and at the time I saw a trailer for The Lighthouse and wanted to channel that. So we headed to the sea, kept it open-ended and just went with what was fun to shoot. The long shot at the beginning gave us the idea to stick a looming horror figure in the background, and we immediately thought of It Follows. And the reality-hopping occurred because we found a $2 VR headset on tour last summer, and it became an essential part of our life on the road. Also I was reading The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch at the time, which is a book about shifting realities. Above all though we just wanted to make a fun video and have a good time doing it, which we did.”

The Lowest Pair To Release The Perfect Plan This Friday, April 24

Olympia, WA-based experimental folk duo The Lowest Pair — Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee — are set to return with The Perfect Plan this Friday, April 24, via Delicata Records / Thirty Tigers. After each releasing solo albums via Conor Oberst’s Team Love Records in 2018, Winter and Lee tapped producer Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes to help expand simple folk songs into fleshed-out soundscapes that combine contemporary twang with traditional instruments while leaning gently into Winter’s punk past. Mogis and the duo discussed the intricacies of recording The Perfect Plan for an in-conversation piece at The Talkhouse, who is premiering a full stream of the album today.


Houston-raised, Los Angeles-based genre-bending artist Alaina Castillo reveals the music video for her current single “just a boy” exclusively via V Magazine. Upon the songs release, it held a top 5 spot on Spotify’s coveted New Music Friday playlist, has since accumulated over 2 million streams on Spotify alone and currently holds spots on Spotify’s Pop Rising, Fresh & Chill (cover), Chill Hits and Teen Beats, as well as Apple’s Breaking Pop and Breaking R&B.

One To Watch Blake Rose Releases New Video For ‘Gone’ (Live)

One to watch, Blake Rose has released a stunning live rendition of his hit song ‘Gone.’ Taped in Los Angeles – pre-lock-down – complete with string arrangements, the video showcases the young Australian artist, songwriter and producer’s effortless ability to perform live; with his Buckley-esque vocals, luscious electric-guitar-driven melodies, and knack for writing insanely infectious alternative pop songs. “I try to give listeners an experience,” he reveals. “I take a lot of time with every element to make sure I’m creating a world people can immerse themselves into. Whether the narrative is precise or ambiguous I try to attain a certain level of depth with each song that I hope people can latch onto and let it be as much a part of their own story as it is mine.”

Blake Rose Releases New Video For ‘Gone’ (Live)


Juiceboxxx has announced that he will release a new music video on April 28th for “Drive Around,” the latest single from the new album It’s Easy to Feel Like A Nobody When You’re Living In The City. Milwaukee’s DIY legend is always in perpetual motion, locked down or not, so it comes as no surprise that Juiceboxxx is uniquely qualified to create inspired isolation content while hunkered down in the Thunder Zone HQ.


“America’s sweethearts The Killers returned with a restless BANG!, capturing that undercurrent of edgy, raw energy constantly lurking on our not-so-distant horizon.” – Atwood Magazine on “Caution”

“The Killers are returning to their earnest, bombastic classic-rock impulses on ‘Caution.’ It’s unmistakably a Killers song.” – Stereogum

“[“Caution”] is an arena-ready dose of emotive Americana and vivid romanticism.” – NME


“PFA ll is the perfect interlude between where Petals began and where it’s going… Part lll isn’t far behind. I needed these songs to help me get to a place where I could name my shame, take inventory of emotional scars, true friends, awful coping mechanisms, and discover what I desire for my life.

The latest single, ‘Dead Horse’, offers strength back to a younger, weaker version of myself. I feel like all of this needed to be said in order to embody the kind of woman I hope to be.” – Hayley Williams

SHAPE OF WATER face consequences of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll in new “Not All The Things” music video

British alternative art-rockers Shape Of Water have revealed a new music video and single for the song “Not All the Things”. The video was directed by Luca De Falco at Luca De Falco Artworks. The video tells the story of Humpty Dumpty killing himself which is analogous of an unwanted fatherhood that ends with emotional detachment and a growing sense of guilt.

UK alternative rock veterans I Like Trains sign to newly founded Atlantic Curve label

Schubert Music Europe GmbH, the holding company for all music publishers of the Schubert Music Publishing Group, which currently has 13 international offices and covers 29 territories, as well as many other music companies, has established a new, international structure featuring ten record labels, which are internationally being distributed by The Orchard, the world’s largest independent distributor.

Of these ten labels, Atlantic Curve, with headquarters in London, Los Angeles and New York and specializing in electronic and alternative pop, can now announce its first prominent signing.

GAFFA GHANDI: Artificial Disgust LP By German Instrumental Rock Act Streaming At The Obelisk

GAFFA GHANDI’s proper first full-length comes out swinging with equal parts psychedelic rock and melodic/progressive post-hardcore and carrying more hooks than a bait shop. If you regularly visit records by Torche, The Fucking Champs, Pelican, Kylesa, and similar artists, check out Artificial Disgust immediately.

Gaffa Ghandi Stream Artificial Disgust in Full; Out Friday on Exile on Mainstream


The truth will set you free. Nimic Revenue never felt like she fit in—with family, peers, or society—but music was her way out. “I always just felt different,” she says. “I make music that reflects how I feel. It lets me talk to myself in a pure way.”

Abigail Lapell Releases New “Down By the Water” Music Video

Lapell recently released a video for “Down By the Water,” a track featured on Getaway. The song is a striking, stripped-back folk track with acoustic guitar and intricate vocal harmonies. Categorized by Lapell as a “springtime song,” the visual features a lot of imagery of renewal or redemption, and even some biblical symbolism, suggesting an escape to a better place, all wrapped around a classically-shot boxing match.

Witchskull to Release Premiere Video For “This Silent Place” on Metal Injection – WATCH

The skies are dark. The atmosphere is thick with dread. The future looks bleak. Only pure, red-blooded heavy fucking metal can save us now. Belching effortlessly classic and crushing anthems from the riffian depths, with all the power and panache of Black Sabbath at their peak, Witchskull return in 2020 to stir our souls once again. Witchskull will release their new album A Driftwood Cross April 24th via Rise Above Records.

WITCHSKULL Brings The Riffs On New Song “This Silent Place”

Jasmine Crowe & ARTSY Premiere Stunning “Sky Is Falling” Video!

Get used to hearing the name Jasmine Crowe, who, TODAY, has teamed up with ARTSY to premiere the absolutely stunning video for her most recent single “Sky Is Falling.” The single is about the passing of a loved one (a beautiful memorial to her astronomer father), and the emotions and lack of closure that can come with death. The song itself, however, is far from an ode to sadness. It’s a beautiful soaring pop ballad filled with hope after desperation and the video is a perfect visual. Expanses of empty city and desert, beautiful but also lonely & desolate. The space-themed clip focuses on “Finding a connection with that feeling after you experience loss—with that person who may not even be there in the physical form anymore.” Watch “Sky Is Falling” on ARTSY HERE.

Stay Over Releases “Happy” Video

Stay Over is one to watch and has been getting some key, early support from Spotify who featured “Happy” on their New Music Friday playlist – he’s also working with and signed to GRAMMY-nominated producer Cisco Adler’s label. Writing music as his own version of therapy, Stay Over has more music to come that cuts right to the heart of his positive message about mental health, knowing you’re not alone, and overcoming emotional battles.

‘JADETOPIA’ – all-Asian roster online music festival to raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts – THIS FRIDAY

As live streams replace shows, DJs from around the world are uniting for the first all-Asian roster online music festival to raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts—and take a stand against racism. EDMTunes is highlighting the many Asian artists in dance music by hosting JadeTopia Virtual Festival on Friday, April 24, starting at 4 PM EST.

Chels Stream The New Track/Music Video “You’ve Got You Now”

San Diego’s Hey, Chels will release their debut full-length ‘Everything Goes’ digitally for FREE on May 1st. The LP will also be released on vinyl later this year via Brainworm Records.

The band says, “Our reasoning is that we don’t feel right asking for money right now with the current state of everything. If you feel like helping the band out, share us with a friend, add us to a playlist, share us on your socials, we would very much appreciate it.”

Soul-jazz guitarist Gregory Goodloe works on keeping “Cool Like That” amidst crisis

When R&B/jazz guitarist Gregory Goodloe dropped his new single, “Cool Like That,” at the beginning of March before the novel coronavirus outbreak hit the US with a vengeance, it was the No. 1 most added single on the Billboard airplay chart in its debut week and earned the most new spins in its second week. The song that he wrote with and features urban-jazz icon Bob Baldwin has taken on quite a different spin in the face of the health and economic crisis that have put lives, finances, and the future in peril. The track that was conceived to recreate the classic cool contemporary jazz sound and will serve as the title cut of his forthcoming album has become somewhat of an affirmation to Goodloe to stay calm and be fluid during this period of uncertainty.


Heartbreak Weather hit No. 1 in the U.K. and Ireland, debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. Top Album Sales chart and has amassed over 500 million streams worldwide. The album also came in at No. 1 on the NPR “All Songs Considered” list of the week’s top 10 new albums. Rolling Stone says Horan, “stretches out on his ace second solo album…even with a bruised heart, he’s a charmer.” Newsweek said, “‘Nice to Meet Ya’ and ‘No Judgement’ are suave works of seduction…[while] ‘Put a Little Love on Me’ is a tender, piano-focused ballad.” Stereogum observed, “the forecast is improving for Niall Horan.” American Songwriter noted, “Horan guns right for the eye of heartbreak’s storm…He feels the sting quite viscerally, yet instead of writhing around in his misery, he fashions his acoustic guitar in new smoldering settings or opts to dance it out into the wee hours of the morning.”


Rising singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and star of the breakthrough Disney+ original series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Joshua Bassett releases the music video for his first original song “Common Sense” today via Warner Records. Directed and edited by Gus Black (Phoebe Bridgers, Gary Clark Jr., Deftones and Lennon Stella), the cinematic short captures Joshua isolated in a California field during golden hour, gracefully strumming his guitar for the girl he longs for. With keenly observed lyrics and a gentle melody that showcases Joshua’s heartfelt vocals and musicianship, “Common Sense” is the first taste of his forthcoming debut album.

Joshua Bassett Releases Music Video For ‘Common Sense’