What are some significant reasons to replace Google Slides?

Slides are the most convenient and efficient way of giving presentations. You can get help from Google Slides to make your presentation look more professional. Google always gives us the best possible way to help us in our tasks and jobs. Before Google Slides, people used to make slides on PowerPoint. It was although an easy way, yet it used to take much time designing a presentation. Google Slides have made our job much easier than ever before. Following are some significant reason for switching from PowerPoint slides to Google Slides:

Built for collaboration:

The collaboration is a significant reason to go with Google Slides. The utility of Google Slides can easily share and simultaneously edit a Google Drive document. And it is the platform’s most significant selling point. Our presentations, including our reports and media, are increasingly created and presented with collaborators. It is a tool that is built around collaboration, such as the Google Drive applications. It will always outperform legacy applications that have baked in collaboration features over time.

Simple user interface:

The simple user interfaces if Google Slides help it make the working easier for the new users. There is no professional knowledge required to work with Google Slides. PowerPoint was also easy to use, but Google Slides have made it much more comfortable than ever before. You can make a presentation and slides using your knowledge. It gives you a list of tools that you can use to make your presentation more professional and attractive.

Offline access for modifying and presenting the slides:

The big problem with using Google Drive has been offline access. It seems that Google is getting much closer to solving this problem of offline access. For Google Slides, I had to download the Slides app in from the Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store. With the Slides app installed, and the settings set correctly in Google Drive, it is now possible to view, edit, and run Google Slides presentations even when I am offline. Everything synchronizes automatically whenever you connect to the internet. For big presentations with Slides, I’m sure I’d have to have a backup PowerPoint file and PDF file to host locally. Now there is no problem in accessing the document files from Google Drive.

Access presentation from any device:

The significant reason that impressed me a lot about Google Slides is that you can access it from any device. There is no need to worry about a single device. You can access your slider from anywhere and at any time. The ability to access Google drive documents has made it more welcomed by everyone who wants to access their slides anywhere and anytime whenever you want. You can avail of the opportunity of access presentation from any device and make your presentation available for you anywhere and at any time.


All the reasons mentioned above are logical enough to consider switching from PowerPoint slides to Google slides.