Development trend of pharmaceutical packaging in 2020

Look at the development trend of the packing of the drugs in China in 2020. In my point of view, the pharmaceutical packaging factories will be more strict execution concerning country laws and regulations, even industry standards and standard process, with the increasingly competitive pharmaceutical packaging. The Second, personalized packaging competition will gradually incline to the mainstream, for example, the braille less of drug packaging, believe in taking care of special groups more. The pharmaceutical packaging industry will have more input for the market. The third, the use of plastics package will be reduced for environmental reasons, and the use of aluminum package will be increased because of the recyclability reason, so aluminum packaging containers will occupy a larger share of the market.

Xinrontube has been in the row of the industry, and professional production in pharmaceutical aluminum packaging tube, and contribute the knowledge and ability in the world since 2020.

The coronavirus disease influence makes Chinese government much more support to the drug industrial suppliers and also in policy support, to speed up the promotion of Chinese medicine packing industry, China pharmaceutical packaging industry will be more competitive in the international market, from the point of view, the coronavirus outbreak supplier power to be reckoned with in China, Chinese suppliers in a very short period of time to return to work and production, to see that Chinese suppliers ability to overcome difficulties and productivity of the strong, China’s economy in a short time, want to quickly restored, will increase the participation of the international trade market, and packing chamber of commerce to strengthen the contact between the pharmaceutical industry and strategic partnership. Collapsible aluminum tubes are for packaging cream container, oil paste package, eye ointment formulations which are made of pure aluminum contents not less than 99.7%, and major in pharmaceutical packaging is given priority to with aluminum tube packaging, mainly because the plastic ordinary packing will not avoid the back to the suction in the container. And also when we choose aluminum packaging tube can be suitable and effectively, this is why of the advantages of aluminum material adopted some poor chemical stability of the drug most commonly used aluminum packaging materials, at the same time it also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, non-toxic, tasteless,aluminum materials is also very good stability, it is good to eliminate the packaging with the internal drug interaction and chemical reaction, in order to better ensure the sealing performance, aluminum tube and developed the seal coating thin top and tail sealing membrane, to ensure drug during the storage period will not contact with air and put an end to the drug for a long time and chemical reactions caused by air contact. To know more about the professional details links –

Above all, I think that the development of pharmaceutical packaging can realize rapid development in recent years, and the packaging industry in China will be more on a stage and occupy the international market share of large proportion, and the European and American countries in recent years have been in the transformation and upgrading, there will be more orders to developing countries, on the other hand, manufacturing in the developing world is in a leading position in near future, I think Chinese medicine packing will towards a new stage of development.


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