MishCatt Unveils “Your Eyes” Animated Video

MishCatt – alter ego of Michelle González – is the alluring and sultry voice from Costa Rica (now based in Los Angeles) who grew up singing, playing guitar and piano, while using music as a sanctuary for expression and sonic exploration. Born with synesthesia – a perceptual condition of mixed senses – MishCatt credits her condition for her unique take on music allowing her to see colors and shapes in each track she writes.

Today MishCatt unveils the animated video for “Your Eyes” – the final track off her newly released The Real Pavo EP via Amuse and a reflection of the rising artist’s synesthesia. She says, “‘Your Eyes’ is a call back to ‘Blue Blood’ but it explores what was happening when that strong summer love came to an emotional end. The very introspective video was animated by Albin Eidhagen. It represents that feeling at the end of a relationship when you’re falling, and it feels like it will never end.” According to PopMatters, the “visual experience accentuates the dark pop song’s introspective layers as it undulates through varying explosions of color.”