Australian Artist & Rapper Zheani Unleashes New Single and Video “DIRTBIKE”

Australian rapper, songwriter, and artist Zheani reflects on her past in new single “DIRTBIKE” out today via Entertainment One (eOne). The track demonstrates her signature no-holds-barred approach of raw, emotive lyrics. Harsh themes ride an abrasive beat combining elements of Industrial Metal with contemporary Trap Metal by producer King Yosef. Zheani reflects on her memories of “Donkey Dick Dave Jollow” one of her mother’s boyfriends growing up and painfully describes her father getting involved in drug trafficking before eventually falling into addiction, “he rode that dark horse into nothin’, funny thing is I still love him”.

“DIRTBIKE” depicts a larger story for Zheani with the line from the chorus, “I made bad choices, my bed I’ll lay in it, I’ll toss and turn for every regret.” Moments like this highlight the strife Zheani has endured, but also the willingness to cope with her decisions and ultimately move forward.