Peace Spirits Offer A Free Single – ‘OH GOD’

Optimism and faith come to the forefront on Peace Spirits’ soothing “Oh God”. Everything about it shimmers and shines. Production goes for a glowing, angelic hue. Instrumentally rich the satisfying drones wash over the listener. Elements of pop inform the dreamlike world that takes shape. Nods to Beach House appear through, for like that group, they take their time with the buildup. By far though the true center of it all comes from the otherworldly nature of the vocals. Delivered like a heavenly choir they opt for a gentle demeanor. Taking their time, they stylistically bring together ambient, dream pop, drone, even shoegaze into the swirling approach.

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It begins with but a mere whisper. Little flourishes slowly come into the fray. From there it truly begins. Catchy melodies waft into the mix, for the guitar work adds to the classic quality of the sound. Beats have a far-off approach at first as they slowly get themselves started. Riffs have a bluesy quality. The choir further lends the track a lovely air, one that becomes ever more potent. Akin to a virtual force of nature there is a pastoral beauty to the way they let it all unfurl. Power grows and grows as the whole of the groove evolves in a careful, considered way. For the final stretch they let it all loose, as it all perfectly falls into place.

Peace Spirits sculpt a satisfyingly sweet slice of hope with the reassuring ode of “Oh God”.

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