Top 5 SMTP Service Providers 2020 Reviewed

STMP is the abbreviation of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and in simple words, STMP service is used to perform the email delivery and exchange task through IPs. When you are using an email client to send the necessary emails to the boss and someone else, the person can get the email through the service called SMTP server service.

For the quick email deliverability, it is essential to have an SMTP server that can increase the delivery of all the transactional or marketing emails. It can also help you to receive or send emails from anywhere in the bulk quantity. Moreover, SMTP services are also known for the distribution of the email through the internet.

It may have the limit of the delivery emails, but if you have a professional SNTP server, then you can send and receive emails easily. Well, if you are looking for the best SMTP server for that compliment your marketing need, we are going to enlist some of the best SMTP servers for you. Let’s check them out.

Top 5 SMTP Service Providers 2020:

We are going to enlist the best and top five SMTP server providers of 2020. They are the famous ones, and you may hear about them from any source. Let’s check them out one by one and find out what they have.


It can provide the following facilities:
powerful marketing platform
transactional emails
email marketing
SMS marketing
live chat
efficient work on WordPress
also support third-party platforms

mailgun SMTP services:

offers the following facilities:
offer friendly feature
10,000 emails send/receive for free
Easy functions

SMTP service by Sendgrid:

It also includes the following:
delivery optimization tools
email analytics
email templates
email editor
third-party apps integrations and services

Amazon SES:

It offers the followings:
1. Amazon SES
2. an add-on services
3. cloud-based SMTP service
4. easy send marketing
5. notification
6. transactional email campaigns

G Suite:

It provides the followings:
1. its Google’s productivity suite
2. use calendar
3. Google Drive
4. Google Docs
5. Photos,
6. Gmail of your domain name
7. use Google SMTP

The above are the top five best SMTP servers, and after having them, you can enjoy the bulk email service without any error.

Moreover, if you are looking for a better platform, we recommend you SMTP service, and you can use this server to send the emails in bulk.

Long story short, the people who are working with any big organizations require a best and productive SNTP serve that also offers the free SMTP server because it will cost a lot to get or buy such a server. For an average person, regular SMTP server in enough because it will allow you to send and receive a limited amount of emails. If you want to enjoy the improved and fast server, then you must spend some money as fast, and famous servers are not available to free.