Ferdous Presents ‘Counting Stars’

“I’ve spent the biggest part of my life in a sleepy town in the south of the Netherlands, which I think is the main reason why I’ve always made music, because it was the only way to entertain myself when i felt stuck in an uneventful time and place. Eventually this resulted in a duoproject called Klyne, for which all of a sudden I was playing shows in front of thousands of people across Europe, UK and US. As exciting as it was for me, I grew older and started to realize that a bored mind perhaps isn’t that bad – in fact it always helped me to keep writing music that’s exciting to me.

DSP – https://linktr.ee/ferdousmusic

That’s why I decided to start my new solo project, which I’ve just launched in late 2019. with this project I want to be able to make meaningful decisions when it comes to my music. I want to take as much time as I need to find a specific sound I’m looking for with a song, to sit back and reflect on what the music means to me, how it resembles my mood and personality, and how I potentially want to convey this if I would perform the music live on stage. That’s what this project is all about for me.

My new song is called Counting Stars. For me it’s about trying to keep a sane mind when it sometimes feels like the world is moving into a downwards spiral. As hard as times can get, it’s important to remind ourselves that every storm eventually will pass.”