The Rising Future of the Mobile iGaming Industry

Everything is moving to mobile nowadays. In this interconnected, fast-paced environment, everybody and their grandma have a smartphone.

If you are looking for the best online casino in Canada you have come to the right place.

Casino players have moved to mobile for the same reasons that everyone did. Using a gadget is fast, it is accessible, it is hustle free, and the Internet is everywhere.

Does anyone remember Steve Jobs saying, “I’ll put 1000 songs in your pocket”? Now mobile casino users have thousands of games in their pockets.

What Does the Future Hold?

Our perception has tricked us all about the future. We expected bionic arms and traveling to distant galaxies by 2020. Yet, in 2020, we are still trying to figure out cheap VR.

We should follow the trends to be more realistic about the future of the mobile iGaming industry.

Here are some stats:

  • The global gambling market is projected to reach US$912 billion by 2027.
  • The growth rate of the global mobile gambling market is expected to hit $123.6 billion by 2027.
  • 74% of gambling businesses are focusing on improving their data usage.

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Cloud Gaming technology

With a faster Internet connection and larger bandwidth, cloud gaming technologies have emerged. The companies store the games on remote servers and send them to the player upon receiving a request to play the game. The technology, thus, lets the players enjoy the game without downloading it into their device.

With the emerging 5G Internet, cloud gaming will grow. The experts say that 5G for masses will emerge at best within 5-7 years. Yet, the gaming companies are developing more sophisticated cloud-based games even today.

3D, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) Gambling

iGaming is an ideal playground to recreate the atmosphere of a land-based casino. The world has been moving towards VR for years now, but the tech is still quite expensive.

Most of the games are 2D now, with some 3D-like elements. The true 3D mobile gambling will emerge with the development of augmented and virtual reality platforms.

Some developers are already working on augmented reality games, but the real treat is still to come. Experts suggest that virtual reality environments are the future of mobile iGaming.

Cryptocurrency Casinos

With the rise of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, the online casino industry in general, and the mobile casino industry, in particular, received an exciting update. A simple, instant, safe, and private payment system came to be.

Many players choose Bitcoin casinos to make their transactions faster. Other players love the privacy, anonymity, and security Bitcoin provides. If a player wants to check the fairness of the game, they are free to use Bitcoin “fair play”.

Whichever the reason, crypto is irreplaceable for the mobile casino industry.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There are several reasons for casinos to implement AI in their software:

  • Providing tailored experiences, personalized game suggestions and promotions
  • Learning user behaviour to engineer better and more attractive games

The prospect of AI might seem frightening at first. Yet, when the player receives a nice bonus, or an ad made just for them, the world becomes a better place.

Live-play Mobile Casino Technology

Live-play Casinos are like brick-and-mortar ones, except the dealer is on the other side of the screen. These type of mobile gambling experiences are more expensive to maintain for 2 reasons:

  • Live platforms employ real people who receive salaries
  • The platform must run smoothly to support the technical aspects of the live stream.

No matter how difficult it is to maintain a live mobile gambling crew and technology, the mobile gambling industry is all in on this tech.

Mobile iGaming in Canada

There are 4 billion portable internet users in the world, according to This statistic crossed the 50% (of world population) line in 2018. Using this number, we can understand how much traction the mobile is getting.

In Canada, about 26.1 million people (about 70% of Canada’s population) use portable Internet. Most people also play games on mobile devices.

According to research conducted by OpenSignal, Canada is the 25th in the mobile gaming experience list (out of 100 countries). According to, the expected number of mobile gamers in Canada for 2019 would be 22.5 million.

Although this research is not specifically for mobile gambling, it shows the future of the mobile casino industry within Canada. With the growth of mobile casinos, more and more people are willing to try the thrilling experience of playing on the go.

Best Mobile iGaming Canadian Casinos Online

Now that we have established the trends, it’s time to introduce some of the best Canadian casinos online.

  • Casiplay – great design and usability in the browser, but does not offer an app.
  • Casinoeuro – offers both an easy-to-use web version and applications for iOS and Android.
  • All Slots Casino – offers a sleek web version for mobile and an app for all devices.
  • Gowild – offers instant games on a mobile browser.
  • Playamo – offers the widest variety of games. Playamo might be the best and the most trustworthy Canadian casino online.


Mobile iGaming is definitely on the rise these days. Canadians, as well as players all over the world, expect convenience for their mobile iGaming experience.

About The Author:

Kevin N. Cochran specializes in casino project management. He aims to analyze the future trends of the mobile casino industry and uses this knowledge in product promotion and development.