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Paper Jackets Dance Through New York in Music Video for “What They Call a Life”

“‘What They Call a Life’ is about having strength while you’re here in this life, keeping friends and family close and being present,” shares front man James Mason in an exclusive interview with Alternative Press about the new track and video. “Personal experiences did influence the writing as they often do. In this case it feels like we are contestants in the game of life. The song is a reflection of darkest fears and brightest hopes!”

Paper Jackets live in the moment in their new video “What They Call A Life”

American Songwriter Premieres Karen Waldrup’s “Me Again” Music Video

American Songwriter is premiering the music video for “Me Again,” the heartfelt anthem by viral sensation Karen Waldrup featuring country traditionalist William Michael Morgan, today on their website. The music video for Waldrup’s most vulnerable and personal single to date was directed by Victoria Metzger and shot at the Country Rebel Ranch outside Nashville.

Nick AM premieres “Thief” video, Utopia EP out now!

The video features protest footage from Chile, Iraq, Hong Kong, Baltimore and elsewhere. “The past twelve months have seen protests across the globe, some peaceful, some violent,” says Nick of the video. Though separated geographically, they’re united in spirit. ‘Thief’ celebrates those fighting to take back their rights.”

Joey Trap Grabs His Bone Saw, Prepares to Kill the Game in “I’m Good”

Switching up his style for each project without losing his artistic essence, Joey Trap is one of the most versatile rising rappers in the game. Loudly proclaiming his satisfaction with his life and career, Joey shares “I’m Good,” a new music video. Plowing through tinker-toy synths and booming 808s (courtesy of producers Akachi and MoneyEvery) with a rock-steady flow, Joey revels in his self-made status and proudly proclaims his intentions to do whatever he wants whenever he wants: “Doin’ 120 while we ridin’ on the freeway/Momma mad I threw like $30,000 on my B-day.” In the video, directed by Nicholas Jandora (Lil Skies, Gnar, Landon Cube), Joey jerry-rigs a deadly weapon out of a saw and a baseball bat, dwelling in his lair with a crew of baddies and a boxframe Buick and waiting for his opportunity to bust loose and take over the world.

Sweet Spirit’s new album Trinidad set for May 29, band shares “No Dancing” music video

In their brand-new music video, Sweet Spirit conduct an army of young people like futuristic pied pipers through a glittery, prismatic world. All the while, the bubbling synths and reggaeton beat of “No Dancing” mark a new chapter for the Austin group known for pushing its own sonic boundaries. Watch it now to put a smile on your face!


Born in Libya, GASHI spent much of his young life as a refugee, moving from country to country. His family eventually settled in Brooklyn, NY, where he was introduced to music at a very young age. GASHI absorbed a melting pot of musical influences throughout his youth, resulting in the formation of his own unique sonic palette that blends together different genres of music. His dynamic sound has allowed GASHI to collaborate with a wide range of talents ranging from Chris Brown to Travis Scott. He released his self-titled debut album last fall which has over 420 million streams combined worldwide. GASHI is currently putting the finishing touches on his sophomore album set to come later this year.

KHOST: “Night Air” Video Premiered Through Aversionline

Birmingham, UK-based industrial metal duo KHOSTpresents a new video for the track “Night Air,” from the band’s recently released fourth album Buried Steel, out now through Cold Spring. The new video makes its public debut through a feature at Aversionline alongside an interview with the members of the band.

Woods Release New Song “Strange To Explain”

Woods is returning next month with its new album Strange To Explain – recently named one of Pitchfork’s 25 Most Anticipated Albums of Spring 2020 – and today they share the record’s enchanting title track.

“LA Mansion Prince Painted Purple Is For Sale”

It may have been the most infamous house-painting job in Los Angeles history in 2005 when mega-rocker-star Prince painted NBA-star Carlos Boozer’s Beverly Hills home in purple stripes. New to the market, the home just as elegant as when Prince and Elizabeth Taylor, who lived there decades before, is now for sale priced at $29.995 million.

When Alaskan-born Boozer signed with the Utah Jazz in 2004 for big money, he wanted a home in the sun and bought a stunning Southern California tennis estate decorating it with the best expensive furnishings. Almost as good as his new home, his music idol, Prince, offered him $95,000 per month for a one-year lease and soon moved in. A couple of months later when Boozer was back in LA, he discovered that Prince had changed almost everything about his house. His beautiful furnishings were gone and replaced by black-and-purple everything. The weight room was now a disco dance floor with a DJ booth and his bedrooms converted to a hair salon and massage parlor. Boozer called “foul” and threatened to sue, but Prince soon returned everything back to the way it was when he first rented the home. The two became best friends up until Prince’s death in 2016.

LUMAE – Debut EP ‘Thoughts’ out now! (FFO: Flume, Tourist, George Fitzgerald)

Fans of lo-fi hip-hop, R&B and ambient have an exciting new act to discover in 2020. LUMAE have already made a name as a live electronic duo, utilizing instruments, synthesizers and even their own vocals to deliver a second-to-none experience. Now they just released their long-awaited debut EP in the form of ‘THOUGHTS’ by way of Quartz Records.

…and Oceans Premiere Music Video for New Song, “Five of Swords”

Vocalist Mathias Lillmåns comments: “‘Five of Swords’ is a personal favorite of the album. An old-school …and Oceans song made to fit the 2020s, topped with a cold, but still personal, minimalistic music video! It’s a song that shows another side of ‘Cosmic World Mother’ and what it has to offer.”

Watch a New Music Video From Matt Evans’ Upcoming Album

Director Vanessa Castro says this about the film:

“In the video for Spinning Blossoms, Matt, who scored this song and video, performs the various percussive and melodic loops that steady the rhythm of the song, while simultaneously falling out of sync with the actual performance of sound. Mel, the video’s choreographer, performs in another form of abyss, an empty office supply warehouse overflowing with detritus of corporate America.

To me the challenge for this video was: how can an ‘object’ of performance be both repetitive and improvised in both sound and movement? How can singular experiences happening in different times and places create a simulation of linear time? Matt composed Spinning Blossoms with self-made, sample-based, loops based on an internal rhythm that Matt himself created. I decided to follow that same framework.”


Last night, Brisbane trio Dune Rats shared their latest video for “Bad Habits,” a cut pulled from their #1 January LP Hurry Up And Wait. The video takes the viewer across the band’s Australian headlining tour last month which saw them play their biggest rooms yet in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with bands Ruby Fields, Dear Seattle and TOTTY on support.

Silvertone Hills new single “Reaction”

The song is built around a strong intro riff, which drives the song from a moody, secluded verse into an explosive chorus. No one can tell us different, no one can make it stop. The central theme to the track plays on the us against the world mentality that you feel when your choices go against what is considered morally righteous. Everyone warns the good ones never can last, but it doesn’t matter.

Local H Share ‘LIFERS’ Via Billboard

“It’s feels kind of weird to have a record coming out while all of this is happening. The only thing that I’ve ever seen that’s been anything close to this is 9/11. Our fourth record was supposed to come out that month in 2001, but after THAT day it got pushed back to the following year. Tour dates got cancelled. A bunch of shit got shut down. At the time, those delays and setbacks felt like everything. Like it was the worst thing that could happen to us. It was childish and more than a little selfish — and I’m ashamed to admit that I even felt that way.

LAST KISS GOODNIGHT Demonstrates Hard Rocking Swagger in New Video for “Son of a Gun”

“This song is about getting back on the horse,” says vocalist Ray Patrick. “This is all about seeing what you are made of and it is also a reflection of the times we are currently enduring. What does not kill you makes you stronger. I love old western films. ‘Unforgiven’ is one of my favorite movies. I wanted the lyric video to highlight the song and story of the song without adding too many moving parts. The cowboy and the embers flying around on the screen help to emanate that feeling. I gave the artist we hired a brief description of the song for the video and he rolled with it. ‘Son of a Gun’ is about rising from the ashes to ‘conquer what one is, once was, and what one will always be.’”

Baltimore-Area Rockers Last Kiss Goodnight Share Their “Son of a Gun” Lyric Video [Premiere]

Rock Band Psycle To Release New Album KILL THE MACHINE on June 16, 2020!

Rock band Psycle will release their new album titled Kill the Machine on June 16,2020. The band released their debut single, also titled “Kill the Machine” along with the accompanying lyric video on March 24th.

Maren Morris’ Platinum “The Bones” goes #1 on Hot A.C. charts

Grammy-winning artist Maren Morris tops Hot A.C. radio this week, with the Platinum-certified “The Bones” going #1 on the Billboard Adult Pop Songs and Mediabase Hot A.C. charts, marking the longest ever climb to #1 on both charts at 45 weeks. In addition, “The Bones” remains in the Top 10 this week on the Country Aircheck chart nine weeks after reaching #1 for two consecutive weeks in February, which made it the first solo female back-to-back #1 since 2012.

Nana Grizol (Elephant 6) returns with new album 6/19

“For a decade now, Hilton’s band Nana Grizol has wound long-winding narratives around scrappy pop songs that explore identity and anti-capitalist philosophy, but are also incredibly sweet and kind.” -Lars Gotrich, NPR Music

Pure Protein premieres “Happy Birthday” & announces new EP due 5/8

Pure Protein is the work of M.W. Powell – a Los Angeles-based songwriter and producer originally hailing from Mississippi. Finding his footing in the nascent Southern alternative music scene, Powell eventually became intertwined with the now infamous Cats Purring collective in Oxford, MS.


“I wrote ‘Let Me Down’ the day after I canceled my album due to corona virus” Tree says about the new track. “Canceling the release was devastating after working on this album for 5 years. Even though it was completely out of my control, I felt like I let a lot of people down so I made them this song as an apology. Even if I can’t drop the album, I still want my fans to know I care about them. This week I decided to film a DIY music video in my buddy’s warehouse with the help of some close friends and family. To anyone who feels let down or hurt, I ask for your forgiveness…”

The Harmed Brothers to release new album 6/5 on Fluff and Gravy, American Songwriter debuts first single

The Harmed Brothers’ story can best be traced by the highways and byways of the United States and beyond. From the plains of Ray Vietti’s boyhood home of Missouri, to the hustle and bustle of Alex Salcido’s Los Angeles upbringing, molded in the foothills of North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains and seasoned in the woodsy luster of the Great Northwest and everywhere in between–the Harmed Brothers have most often called the road home.


Following up on last year’s consciousness-expanding Malibu Ken project and recent standalone single “Rogue Wave,” one of rap’s most verbose MC/producers, Aesop Rock, has just released a ten track EP of music composed for the video game Freedom Finger. Music From The Game Freedom Finger is available now from all streaming platforms and digital retailers, alongside a just-launched pre-order for limited edition 10″ vinyl. The release is accompanied by a Jim Dirschberger-directed video for the song “Drums on the Wheel” that features visuals of Freedom Finger gameplay as well as exclusive visuals drawn by Travis Millard and animated by Steven Gong.

NH3 reach out to their friends on a lockdown with video “Best”

Pesaro, Italy, is one of the areas most affected by the difficult situation we are going through and NH3, punk rock band based in the very center of this province, decides reach out to friends and fans near and far, getting them involved in their idea of a music video shot directly from their homes.

MARROWFIELDS: Fall River atmospheric doom act debuts new track at Heavy Blog Is Heavy; album ‘Metamorphoses’ comes April 24th via Black Lion Records

The band offers on the track:
“Exile and imprisonment for the sake of being an individual is ultimately the exploration of the tales written in ‘Crow and Raven.’ The song explores punishment in the form of transformation, where two humans were stripped of the human form and forced to live out their days as outcasts.”

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Hear Marrowfields’ Evocative “Crow and Raven”

Alex Virgo debuts on TRICK with ‘Cheap Thrills’ EP

The title track kicks things off, a slick, synth-driven dancefloor-filler that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. ‘Flex’ then follows a similar route – high-energy, pumping house music that builds to a climax, before ‘Tallywhacker’ shifts things into more metallic, techno-oriented waters while losing none of the intensity. EP closer ‘Chorus Tool’ asserts itself with the kind of four-to-the-floor throb that the TRICK imprint is quickly becoming synonymous with.

Ghostpoet Shares New Track “Nowhere To Hide Now”

“Nowhere to Hide Now” is a blast of tense, alt rock driven by Obaro Ejimiwe’s idiosyncratic vocals and rangy, jagged storytelling, fueled by fear, exhaustion and anger. More than simply becoming a purely cerebral exercise however, the end result is visceral and alive, a potent reminder of just how unique and essential a talent Ghostpoet is.

New Music From Young Rog “On The Road” Out Now On Waver/LVRN/Interscope Records

WAVER, LVRN and Interscope Records are proud to present rapper-singer, Young Rog, as he releases the lead single “On The Road” from his forthcoming project. Though longtime fans may be familiar with Young Rog’s emcee skills, the artist takes a different approach on the Gary Dawson-produced single; bringing his smooth tone to the R&B ballad. Of Bajan descent, the Virginia native is a self-proclaimed romantic; which is evidenced by the song’s heartfelt lyrics. Young Rog plans to further open up to fans through forthcoming visuals.

FEUERSCHWANZ Release Music Video For “Das Elfte Gebot”

“”Das Elfte Gebot” is exactly what we’ve been singing about for the past 15 years. Valar Moghulis – all men must die. Whatever you may call it: at some point life will be over and all of us have to ask ourselves what we’ve done with the time that had been given to us. Ever since the passing of my mother, mortality is a constant passenger within my thoughts and emotions. This may result in ballads, songs that celebrate life – or angry metal. “Das Elfte Gebot” has it all”, explains singer and winds player Hodi.