Phantom Phunk New Single “Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied is a super chill song with a deep-set sadness hidden behind the lyrics and tone. Phantom Phunk’s voice is overly saturated with autotune, and while I think it fits the song well, I also think it is just a little too much. The music itself is mellow and relaxing but once you hit the midway point of the song and vocals change, you are able to feel this intense emotion from the vocals. You really get a sense of longing and hurting.

At first, I was worried that the intro would last too long but I was wrong, I actually kind of wish the intro was a little longer. The vocals have a nice, smooth groove to them but they do come off a little too loud over the track. The lyrical flow half way through is excellent and it really balances out and compliments the main vocals. It’s a wonderful dynamic between the two.


The music itself basically just repeats the main melody over and over and over again. However, there are small added sounds that help to break up the monotony and give that extra element that it needs. Without the lyrics, this song could be great to just jam out to or even use as background music for studying or reading, or anything really. It has an atmosphere to it that is wonderful.

I enjoy the track, but I would not go back that often to listen to it. It’s a little boring overall but I know for a fact that there are many artists out there who specialize in a slower track like this one, such as Drake. Personally, I don’t go looking for those types of artists. I just don’t prefer them, but knowing that there is an audience, a very large audience, for this type of music is encouraging. I think Phantom Phunk could very much have a future, with songs with the same feel as Tongue Tied, throw in some high-level emotions, and some more upbeat tracks for diversity, there is definitely something here. Consider me a fan for sure!

Written by PhantomAngel