DVNA returns with ‘Half Past Sober’

Raw, emotional and stripped back, DVNA (pron. Da-na) returns today with her most passionate single yet and first offering of 2020, ‘Half Past Sober’, premiering via triple j’s Home & Hosed last night.

Writing songs about her friends is somewhat DVNA’s trademark and ‘Half Past Sober’ is no exception. A true story about heartache and betrayal, the track’s origins are cemented in a conversation with a mate two years ago. “My friend’s told me about her relationship that was equally as passionate as it was toxic. A dysfunctional, heated, electric love affair that probably never should have happened, though glad it did. We’ve all been in situations where feelings aren’t reciprocated. You begin to feel weak, desperate and a slowly turn into a shell of your former self. Pricking your fingers on the staples barely holding the relationship together and learning to love the pain.”

DSP – https://gyro-pr.lnk.to/halfpastsober